a delicious addition to the series!

Searching For Shelter - Morticia Knight
A delicious addition to the series! It's not necessary to have read the other 5 books, but they are all great reads! Rich is not happy with his home life so spends most of his time at the coffee shop or the shelter where he volunteers. Diego watches Rich in the coffee shop. Now, when I read the blurb I thought that kinda creepy, but it's delivered in such a non-creepy way, I loved it! Rich KNOWS Diego is watching him, cos he watches Diego too. Both guys have a say, in the third person. Both Rich and Diego know they want something more than a quick fling, they want to BUILD something. It's great reading, the way they both sort of dance around their feelings but know what they want! Their chemistry is hot and heavy right from that first non-date, and it was great fun watching Diego introduce some new pleasures to Rich. The danger to Rich is front and centre throughout the whole book, and it's really well told, the way that sort of snowballs around him. Most of the previous characters pop up in one way or another, or are talked about, and it was particularly wonderful to catch up with Lonnie and Parker (book 2, Copping and Attitude) I think they were my favourite couple! It is a really great book, just a little on the sweet side for me, which was why I gave it four stars and not 5. Still, I read it in one sitting on a quite afternoon at work! 4 good, solid stars **similar worded review will appear elsewhere**