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this was awesome!

Point Shot Trilogy Box Set - V. L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is a single review for the box set of three books that were originally published separately. If you are going to read these books, I STRONGLY recommend you wait til you have all three books in your possession. There are cliffhanger endings to both book one, Two Man Advantage and book two, Game Misconduct. Book three, Full Strength, rounds everything up in a big fat bow. I'm just gonna throw this at you, and see what your reaction is. Single. Person. Point. Of. View. In the first person. And your reaction to me saying that would be thus: " I didn't like it, I hate it, we needed to hear from so and so" And ordinarily, yes, that would be my reaction. But here?? HERE??? Freaking loved it!!! Victor is, in his own words, an ass. And he is, at the beginning a mean spirited hockey player with a chip on his shoulder the size of the Major Oak (google it :-0) And he wise cracked one time too many, and ended up a league down, for the foreseeable future. Dan is the alternate captain for the lower league team. But Dan and Vic have an instant and powerful reaction to each other. And I loved watching Vic fall, and fall hard and so bloody fast he couldn't keep his skates on the ice. There are, along the way, a MAJOR hiccup or two the pair have to deal with and it is almost painful watching Vic deal with Dan being called up, then the parental issue, and then with his's head injury. But equally its heart warming and lovely and hearts and flowers. Victor himself says: 'Kissing my fiance was damn dreamy too, but if anyone ever talks about the fact that I used such words, I will flatly deny it, then pummel that person about the head with a hockey stick' Because that is who Vic is. And I just wanted to do what Mrs Arou does, and hug him up and tell him its not too late to have a mother who loves you. Because of the wonderful personality that Vic is, I didn't really miss Dan not having his say. But now I'm typing it up, I can honestly say, had Dan had a say, I might NOT have enjoyed this so much, because we would have gotten much LESS of Vic and this is, really, HIS story. And I loved him. First I've read of this author, that I can see. Would love to read more (but not the zombies, oh no, never the zombies!) in the future. 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


short and so deliciously sweet!

Still You: Trade Me - Hot Tree Editing, Mrs Amy K McClung, Strangeland Photography, Soxsational Cover Art
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Eden takes care of his sister and niece, and runs his gardening business. Adam has been looking after his best friend's wife and children after he died. Eden is hired to tend Adam's garden. The two have spark, instant and immediate. But there follows misunderstanding and mixups. Can Eden and Adam sort it out? This book was originally published as part of the Trade Me Collection, published by Hot Tree Publications. Short and so deliciously sweet! I really enjoyed this tale of mix up after misunderstanding after wires crossed, I really did. It's only short, 102 pages, hours reading time but it packs quite the sugar rush for such a short book. There is just enough drama within the mixups, just enough passion when it gets sorted, enough love to make you wanna shout for joy. I've not read anything by this author that I can see, but I'd love to read more. A longer book. Oh!! I should say. It's written from both men's point of view, in the first person. Usually, not my favourite but I didn't mind it here. It shows the differences between the two men off beautifully, and shows the love they have for each in their own way. Really great easy read, bath tub/lunch break/hangover cure book. 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


didnt work for me.

Griffen: Shadows of the Mirror Realm - A J Blakemont
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I as gifted my copy of this book. Alrighty. So. Okay then, here we go. I apologise if this review is a little disjointed. I very nearly dumped this one, I got past half way and told myself to finish it, to see if it began to make sense, to become clearer. Unfortunately, while I I DID finish it, I still am not sure what the whole point was. Griffen is newborn, a copy of Tish, a mirror of her soul. She has all Tish's memories. But Griffen needs to feed and she finds that food in the criminals of the London Underground. Killing a human trafficker brings Griffen into contact with her own kind, other who have motives that Griffen is not privvy to. She also comes into other factions of her kind, other non-humans and into contact with Andre, her salvation. Other than the fact that this is first person, present tense AND singlr point of view, I'd like to make the following points. There is much repetition. Griffen will say "I remember when...." and then we'll get an immediate, in brackets (well, Tish remembers when...) EVERY SINGLE TIME! Every time Griffen recalls, remembers, picks something out of Tish's life, you get the qualifier. And there is a lot of stuff thrown in. Rules, traditions, or laws, or history. It just gets dropped in, and many time I had to go back and check I hadn't missed something. I hadn't, it just appeared. It made for a difficult to follow plotline. Its full of action. Not a bad thing, but it was making me dizzy, the flipping back and forth between worlds, time zones, and Griffen in and out of peoples heads. I'm still not sure if I liked it, but I didn't hate it and I DID finish it, so..... 3 stars **same worded review will appear on: Goodreads, Booklikes, and**


solid four star read.

Dragon Shifter Romance: Playing With Fire: Dragons Of The Darkblood Secret Society (Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) - Meg Ripley
This is a cute, easy read, 194 pages, but doesn't seem that long. Jason is a dragon shifter. His new client needs funds, and those funds could come from a big fan of the mythical creature. But first, Jason has to get through the man's daughter, Shayne. But Jason and Shayne have met before, he knew her as Mary. Will she help?? Like I said, cute easy read. Told from both Shayne/Mary point of view, we don;t get Mary for a while, and I was beginning to think it would be single point. But its not, and I was happy about that! I do think more could have been made of Vincent, and what he did, and why, but for a fairly short book, it gets to the point. I did like that Jason is able to help his client, and save the amusement park. First I've read of this author, it looks like my to-read list just got a whole lot full of dragon shifter books! And y'all know how much I does love me some dragons! I like the way Meg thinks, plots and tells hr story. solid four star read. *same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Booklikes,,, and Barnes and Noble**


4.5 stars

Talking in Code - Ariel Tachna
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. I'm jumping straight, because this book was NOT what I was expecting. The blurb led me to believe I would be reading about how Tim, Richard and Eric came together, and what happens after Eric is rescued from hostage. HOWEVER We get how they came together only in dribs and drabs through out the story. And for about 80% of the book, Tim is unconscious, on a ventilator. So there is very little of the three of them together, and a lot of just Richard and Eric. BUT!!! Once I pulled my toys back into the pram and got over my strop, I really REALLY enjoyed this one! Richard and Tim were already in a long term, committed relationship when they came across Eric. They each watched him from afar for several years and its not until Eric makes a pass at Tim, and Richard walks in on them, that they all decide to make a go of it. Fast forward 4 years and an op goes wrong, Eric is captured and held hostage for months. Richard and Tim set about to rescue him, but Tim is gravely injured and its up to Richard to get Eric back up and running. But both Richard and Eric have relied heavily on Tim in the past, and Tim can't help now. Not when Eric's demons rear their ugly head. Like I said, once I got over my "this is not what I wanted to read" strop, the book is quite gripping. Both Richard and Eric are struggling, with Eric's return, with Tim being so poorly, with each other. It makes for painful reading in places because we get all of Eric's panic attacks in their gory detail. I can't for the man, I really did. And I cheered when Richard and Eric were both made to see that what they were doing was making them both worse. OH! I loved when they delivered the line that made the title make total and utter sense! I loved that the first thing Tim sees on waking is Richard and Eric kissing. I would still like to have read more of the beginning of their relationship. I think, though, it would have been too much HERE, if I'm honest. That is a whole nother story! I wrote 3.5 stars at the top of the page when I sat down to write this review. I've upgraded it to 4.5, rounded down to 4 stars for Amazon and Goodreads. Its not often I changed that initial gut feeling, but some books, once I start to write their review, push and push and just make it known that actually, Debbie, we deserve a higher rating. This book pushed HARD! First I can see that I've read of this author, I'd love to read more. I'd love to catch up with these guys too. When building this post, I noticed the Dreamspinner search billed this as the Talking In Code series. I hope I get the chance to read them! So, because its a pushy book, and the review ran into 3 sides of file paper.. 4.5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


bloody loved this book!

Skythane - J.   Scott Coatsworth
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jameson is sent to Oberon to see why the supply of pith has all but dried up. Xander is his guide into the Split, the *quite literally* underbelly of Oberon following a catastrophic event nearly a millennia ago. It was supposed to be routine, in and out, job done. But Jameson's arrival on Oberon is all but routine, and a chain of events is set off that will either destroy all life on Oberon, or reunite it with it's other half, Titania. Sci-fi is, for me at least, very hit and miss. Sometimes the technology goes way over my head, and sometimes the words used means I don't fully understand what I'm reading about and I'm not ashamed to say that! But here?? None of that! I loved this book! The story flows like a river, from its source, getting faster and faster, deeper and wider until.... well, until it reaches the sea! There is no massive info dump that you sometimes get in this sort of story, it comes in drips, so you can process each drip before you get the next one. Or in my case, many times through this book, you can pull a face at the kindle and " say what now???" when you get a particularly fat drip! The relationship between Jameson and Xander grows at a steady and even pace, even with the assistance of Quince and the pith. I was ...surprised by the route these guys took. Our introduction to Xander led me to think this book might be more explicit, which, you know me, I'd be happy with that but Jameson and Xander shut you down just as they get to the good stuff!! Very much fades to black but I LOVED that, I really did. I love books that make me think, make me plan ahead as to where I think the story is gonna go, and how it's gonna get there, watching it either pan out the way I thought, or unravel before my eyes in a totally different way. And this book made me question every little fat drip and drop and I loved it!! But what made this book were two things, for me, anyway. One: there is a bit at the front of the book, telling the story of this story, as it where. How long its been sitting, waiting to be fully told. I don't usually read the bits at the front, but I'm glad I did. And the other bit was the epilogue. Because up to that point, the story was told, finished, done and dusted all wrapped up in a big fat bow, sporting 4 stars. THEN, Coatsworth throws it all for a loop with that epilogue! And I WANT book two! Because I'm told there will be a book two. I wonder how THAT character is gonna affect Jameson and Xander's bond, and how Quince will react to the other character. Basically, I'm left hanging. And sometimes that's good, sometimes not but here its bloody brilliant and I LOVED this book. *did I say that yet, don't think I did, did I??* A stunning 5 star read **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


much lighter read from Gray.

The Auction - J.R. Gray
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Stark is dragged to the annual charity auction by his best friend, and host, and put up for sale. Scotty is dragged by HER best friend, and finds herself the owner of Stark's services for one evening. Can't be that bad, can it?? Ive read a fair few, but not all of Gray's books and all 4/5 star reads, and they are dark, and male/male books. Here? Male/female and while there is some *history* for want of a better word its not really dark as such. And it's also a good deal lighter in its BDSM element. For me, that's what made this book, how much LIGHTER everything was. A very welcome break between two books billed as DARK, let me tell you. Stark, a Dom, has been almost hiding since HER, since his wife died. And Scotty, a submissive, has been away from the scene since HER, her Domme, who dumped Scotty right there in the club. And this book is all about both of them shedding that history and making a new one. I loved that Stark was NOT the alpha male usually portrayed in BDSM romances and he was NOT totally in control of his reactions and emotions. HE was as damaged by his life as Scotty was by hers. It was amazing watching them push each other and push themselves to get just what they each want, and more importantly, need. Thank you, Mr Gray, for an enjoyable hour or so, just when I needed it. I stayed up late, while ill, to read this and I'm glad I did

not as good as book one.

Admissible Behavior: (A Gay Romance) (Marked Men Book 2) - Jenna Byrnes
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. Kyle hires Alex to sort out a legal issue for his construction company.Kyle's reaction to Alex is powerful but still he hides. Alex wants more than just a wham-bam-thank-you-man, which is what Kyle offers. Kyle is not the commitment type, not yet anyway. can he battle his demons and keep Alex? This is book two in the Marked Men series but you don't need to have read book one, Acceptable Behaviour, before you read this one. Travis and Sam do play a part here, so Brownies points for that! I really enjoyed book one but this one, not so much and I'm struggling to pinpoint why that might be. Both men have their say and I think maybe, MAYBE, Kyle himself is the problem. I didn't connect with him as much as I did Alex, and Travis and Sam. There is some reference to conversion therapy, drug abuse, child abuse and gang rape. None of these are described in any detail, and the book does show, on Goodreads at least, a warning for these points. Just needs mentioning, is all. I loved that Travis and Sam play a part, and that Mel, Sam's twin is moving on with her life in a positive way. It was good, yes, but not as good as Acceptable Behaviour. 3.5 stars ps, apologies if you feel I have spelt behaviour wrong, I am UK based and so use English spelling of words. It killed me to spell it the American way!! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


a little too short and sweet for me

Nachos & Hash - Brandon Witt
Darwin is living his dream in Denver, he just needs someone to spend it with. Cody could be that someone. Cody is also living his dream, it just isn't as grand as Darwin's. When Cody gets an email from his father, his happiness is derailed and Cody retreats to a dark place. Can Darwin make Cody see his self worth? Short and sweet but just a little too sweet for me, I'm afraid. Don't get me wrong. It's well told, well delivered from both Darwin and Cody's point of view, in the third person. It should have pushed my buttons, falls short though,and I'm not entirely sure why. It does take a darker turn I didn't see it taking, when Cody does what he does. I can't say I liked it, because that's not the sort of thing you like, but I did appreciate the way it was delivered in this book. A good book, a nice book, by an author I've not read before, but would like to read something longer, more in-depth. 3 solid stars. *same worded review will appear elsewhere**


good, but not one for me.

Asmodeus: The Legend of Margret and the Dragon - Brooks Hansen
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. *apologises for short review, I sometimes find the three star reviews the hardest to write* A gift is stolen from Modo, and he wants it back. It means rising from his centuries slumber, and joining a fight he has no knowledge of. Different, for me, is usually good. Not so much here. It is high fantasy, and not usually my thing. I also got a little lost in places, several characters have more than one name, similar names, and I struggled to keep up. Now, this could just be me, being full of a nasty cold and having my concentration shot. Still, needed to mention it. I was a little confused by the ending, too. It is, however, very well written, and I did not spot any spelling or editing. Some people will love this, I have no doubt, it just didn't work for me. The title says, The Legend of Margret and the Dragon. But I'm not sure where to legend bit comes into play. It's more telling the STORY of Margret and the Dragon, rather than telling of a legend, if that makes sense?? Struggling to word what I need to say, and you know how I hate that. A good, solid 3 star read, just not one for me. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**!!

A Deadly Sin - Tracie Podger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Again, jumping straight in. And again, struggling to word what I need to say, so bare with me, ok?? Also, I'm writing this review on the back of writing the review for Gabriel. So if I repeat myself, I'm sorry.
This book is told from two people's point of view, both in the first. Mich, as the main character, tells what's going on, but also we get the bad guy. And boy is he bad! I love getting the bad guys, but this one is just a little too creepy for me. Or I thought so, til he told me more, about what he was doing and more importantly WHY. Yes, it is not an easy thing to read, but you understand him more, as time goes on. Not sure if understand him is the right phase though, cos that makes me one sick puppy if I can understand WHY he does what he does! But do you follow?? Things make more sense as to the why, when his past begins to reveal itself.
I loved the seamless melding of Gabriel's story into this one. LOVED how it all started to come together. LOVED how much I did not see coming at me, not at all.
I read this almost back to back to Gabriel. While I didn't think you NEED to read Gabriel first, if you like thriller, especially ones with some very twisted minds, some very deep rooted beliefs, you should read Gabriel first. I would, really I would. Especially as Gabriel plays a much bigger part in the next book.
While looking forward to it isn't quite the right word, I hope to read the next one, A Deadly Mission. I want to see just how far Mich and Gabriel will go to rid the world of this group of people who have destroyed so many lives.
A very VERY different read to my usual romances, but crime/thriller was my go-to, (that and some good old horror!) pre-kindle days and I really did enjoy getting back to my roots.
Staying up way past your bedtime, full of a cold, it can only get...
5 full stars
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so bloody good!!

Gabriel - Tracie Podger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted a copy of this book.
Jumping straight in!
I just...I...Oh this is so hard to write!
*deep breath, you can do this! Its only a review!**
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this book, other than it was a thriller, but I didn't expect this!
It's told entirely (here you go, you know what I'm gonna say, right??) from Gabriel's point of view, in the first person, and I freaking LOVED IT!! (HA!!) This book is just so bloody good!
Gabriel's wife was killed while his daughter was in the bathroom. The case went cold and Gabriel and his daughter, Taylor, are left hanging. But then things start happening, weird, odd things, people turning up, shoving folders at him. And as the story unfolds, Gabriel realises how little he knew of his wife's background.
Without giving anything away, Gabriel opens a can of freaking big ass snakes, let alone worms, and the level of betrayal is so high, I did NOT see that coming.
Gabriel gets his revenge, some closure but assured, he will always be looking over his shoulder.
Totally blew me away.
First I've read of Podger, I have A Deadly Sin to read next. I'm told they are kind of linked, but we'll see how.
5 full stars
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Excellent start, Ms Drake, most excellent!

A Perfect Plan - Alyssa Drake
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
When Samantha's brother, Edward, is killed while travelling to France, she is called away from her country home, back to the city and world she worked hard to stay away from. Benjamin was Edward's best friend, and was supposed to find Samantha a husband. He was not expecting his reaction to her, the little girl is all grown up and every possible husband is rejected by Benjamin. When Edward's disappearance turns out to be foul play, Samantha's life is in danger, and Benjamin is running out of time.
First up: CLIFF HANGER!!! We all have that love hate thing for cliff hangers and I did not see this one creeping up on me!! I was loving this book, really enjoying it and then THAT happened and I was not a happie chappie, not at all.
Second: First time author. And you really can't tell!! I only know this, because I went to look for future books in this series, and can't find any of them, nor any other books by this author! Excellent work, Ms Drake, very well done.
I did get who might be up to no good, very early on and I loved watching things become clearer. Love having at all laid out as much as I love being kept on my toes. But while we know WHOdunnit, we don't know the WHY they did it, not yet.
The book open with a murder ten years previous (we get that from the murderer's point of view, so loved that!) which turns out to be Edward and Samantha's father. Then there is Edward's disappearance, and some missing jewellery. It all comes together, or at least its BEGINNING to come together, then I ran out of bloody book!!
So, book two, Ms Drake?? When should we expect that, because I want to know what happens to Samantha and Benjamin but also what Benjamin's mother is up to, taking in that young lady, and whether what I see happening between that young lady and Thomas, Benjamin's twin, actually happens.
4.5 stars, but rounded down to 4 cos Goodreads/Amazon/the blog don't do half stars

Kell's skills continue to grow!

His Chance - Sheila Kell, CT Cover Creations
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
This is book four in the HIS series, centred around the Hamilton brothers and their security business. This is Devon's story. You don't NEED to have read the other books before this one, but it would give you a better picture how the three older brothers have come before met their ladies, their matches. There is some overlap/follow-on but you'd pick that up really quickly. But I think you SHOULD read them, simply because I tell you to!
10 months ago, on a trip to Vegas, Devon married Rylee, ex FBI agent, in an Elvis chapel. Neither, however can remember much about it. When Kate (HIS Desire) gets a call from Rylee, Devon jumps at the chance to get to know his wife. But someone else is after Rylee, someone from her last FBI case, and it's up to Devon to keep her safe.
This is a really good read, but for me, not quite as good as HIS Choice(book 2) or HIS Return (book 3) which were both 5 star reads.
Don't get me wrong, Ms Kell's skill continues to grow with each and every book, and it SHOWS! It's just Devon's STORY didn't quite grab me. The way it's TOLD is brilliant, delivered and executed extremely well. It's only a matter on time, for me anyway, when a book in a MUCH loved series lets me down. It just happens to be poor Devon who drew the short straw.
All the brothers make an appearance, and there is a very nice tie-in to Brad's book, who is NOT next. I'm waiting, waiting waiting so impatiently for the next one, for THAT brother has a story to tell.
Still, a really good read, and I'd highly recommend the whole series.
4 stars
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absolutely freaking awesome!

Marked by Obsession - Jami Gray
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted a copy of this book.
Jumping straight in, because I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to tell you about these books!!
This is book three in the Psy-IV Teams series, and I have read books one to three back to back. Literally. Finished one, jumped straight into two; finished two (at stoopid o'clock in the morning, I might add!) and jumped straight into book three. Good job I wasn't at work that day, I tell ya!
We meet Wolf in book one, and Meli in book two. Meli's reaction to Wolf in that book is noted, marked, instant and powerful. When things start to go the pan at home, she calls Wolf, who thought she never would.
Wolf can read minds, feelings, emotions with touch, and without. But he cannot read Meli. Her walls are rock solid and she grounds him. Just by being near, by touch. And she baffles him. He knows she has secrets, knows he could push at those walls if he really wanted, but he won't. He'll let her tell him all in good time.
Only time isn't something they have, those things going down the pan are getting far more deadly than a phone call. When Meli's brother's past is bought into play, things get complicated. And for a time, I had no idea where this was going! Loved being kept on my toes!! And usually, I love being made to wait for the main event but every time Meli and Wolf try to give in to their feelings, they get interrupted! I felt for them, I really did.
It is again, told in the first person, with both Wolf and Meli having a say. I swear to God, If this author switched to present tense, I think I'd still love them, and you KNOW how much I hate first person present tense!!
It is always a much darker read. Meli's secrets make for painful reading, especially when those secrets catch up with her. Extremely well written, just a little close to home. And because its first person...even more so.
Because I read them back to back and because its written in the first person, I noticed the marked differences between Cyn, Risia and Meli, and between Tag and Wolf (but not Kayden from book one, he doesn't get a say) Differences in their personalities, the way they think, how they are. You don't always notice things like that in the third person, or if you have gaps between books in a series and I really REALLY loved being able to notice that.
There is an on-going story line between all three books that is still unresolved, indeed, someone is still missing. But you don't need to read them all. I don't think you do, but if I were you, you should. Because these books are freaking awesome and I really can't wait to get my hands on the next one!!
I'd like to read more by this author. Its the first I've read of her work and I really liked how she spins a tale, making you think, and think, and think again.
Which leads me to my question...When?? I know Bishop is involved from that little snippet at the end, but WHEN??? How long do I gotta wait, Ms Gray?? How LONG?!?!?!?
5 stars (would give it so many more if I could!!!)
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(can you tell I LOVED these!!!)


really not one for me!

Wolf Whistle (Werewolves of Manhattan Book 7) - A.C. Katt
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Jumping straight in, because I have issues with this book.
This is book 7 in the Werewolves of Manhattan series, and I have not read those. I figured there is a little follow-on running through, about the Russians but that's all. To be honest, I might not have read this one if they are all the same.
FOOD!!! The book, once Richard meets Julien, focuses an awful lot on food. They eat, constantly. Like, on almost every page, food, food, and more food. Even when the reason for Richard's increased appetite is made clear, it was still somewhat annoying. Snacks, dinner, more snacks, more get the picture.
Repetition. There is constant reference to the order of things. The order in which the Alphas leave the room, are seated at the table, are talked about. Almost as much as the food issue.
The Serbian mobster issue was dealt with in what seemed like a rushed manner, and there were other points that could have been elaborated on, like the threads. Richard saw them, but they were never explained. While it's fairly obvious to me what they were, they were just there, and the gone.
There were some editing errors I spotted along the way, one in a chapter title. Should have been picked up at the first pass, that one!
Being brutally honest, because that is what reviewing is all about, being honest, I wanted to dump this and mark it DNF. But I didn't because I thought it might get better. Unfortunately, it didn't.
So, because I finished it, and ONLY because I did...
3 stars
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