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on a par with book one, but not as good as book two.

Three New Wishes - Sean Michael
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book three in the Rainbow Island series, but you don't need to have read book one, Three Wishes and book two, Three More Wishes to be able to fully follow this one. But it would really help you to follow Damien, Guard and James and what has happened to them and how they have got to this point in their relationship. I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as book two. That was the best of the three and here's why. The first two wishes are very similar, with a Dom/sub relationship and the third wish?? That was way off my radar and didn't do anything for me. Tim is bored, and sometimes visits the clubs for a night of release. But he wants to experience the full lifestyle sub experience. And Rainbow Island is just the place for him. Dom Rain arrives to teach him. But Rain has been watching Rain at the club: watching and waiting. And now, he can experience Tim for three whole weeks. I liked these two, liked that Rain had been following Tim, liked that they worked out very early what they both needed. Mike has been hired to be a sub for 3 weeks. Dom Brendan wanted someone without any prior dealings with the lifestyle. Their connection ran instant, hot and deep. Can Brendan offer Mike more than just three weeks? My favourite of the three. I loved that Mike, other than what he'd read, had very little knowledge of the lifestyle Brendan wanted him for. Loved that while Mike was bratty, Brendan worked with that. Loved that Mike was fully aware he could stop it all at any time, and was able to voice all his concerns to Brendan, and Brendan wanted to hear them. Robbie and Angus have been together for ten years. They want to experience puppy play. They come to the island to figure out whether it will work for them. My least favourite. Little bit too far out there for me. BUT I did like that Robbie and Angus took little bits of puppy play away with them, like the collaring idea, and the milking, even if total puppy immersion wasn't for them. AND THEN!! Dear Mr Michael, could Guard, Damien and James have a full book, just for them?? I still feel I missed a lot, and I so wanted more. I know, I know I said that in the other two reviews, but PLEASE??? Just to get the full story of what happened to James: the accident, the aftermath and them finally getting back together!! Not as good as book two, but on a par with book one, so... 4 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


Best one, after book one!

Chiromancist - Charmaine Pauls
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Bono isn't part of Cain Jones' team, not in the sense that he has none of the Seven Arts but he does fly them around the world, wherever they need to go. When their target, a woman who can read the future, a Chiromancist, takes a shine to Bono, he is thrown into the fray. But Sky pushes his buttons, buttons he never knew needed pushing. And it becomes a question of who will die first: Sky at the hands of Josselin and his team, or Bono at the hands of Sky's jailers. This is book 8 in the Seven Forbidden Arts series. It can be read as a stand alone, but I re-iterate the point that I would strongly recommend you read all the other books before this one. It would give you a better picture of Cain and his team, and of Godfrey and what he's been up. I am so very very glad Bono got a story! I've been waiting for his story, (not even knowing if it would come, because I somehow forgot to ask THAT question of Ms Pauls) since he dropped Josselin of in front of Clelia all the way back in book one. And it does NOT disappoint! Bono, the brooding Senegalese pilot, first meets Sky, the Chiromancist, when they visit for a reading. They know just what she is and what her Art is. They also know who has her on a tight leash. She doesn't like what she sees and she has no idea how to stop it. But Bono makes Sky want in a way she never did before. However, her ties to Doumar, and to Godfrey run fast, and they run deep. She knows the only way she'll really be free is to die, and to take Doumar and Godfrey with her. Finally!! We finally get just WHAT Godfrey is doing and not even Cain Jones saw THAT one coming, I tell ya! Not saying what, cos that's spoilers, and you'll not get it, nope, certainly won't!! But I swear, Godfrey has more lives than a bloody cat, and so far, he has used 8 of them. So book 9, Cain's story (soooooooooooo bloody excited for that!!) and Godfrey *should* run out! I love the layers that Pauls weaves into her stories. I did not see what Sky was gonna do coming at me. I did NOT see why those ties ran so deep coming at me! I did not see what Cain and Bono and the team did coming at me! I love being surprised on every level here! There is far less emphasis on Sky's Art. It not about her Art. It's about her and Bono and their love for each other, and how to get themselves out of the mess they find they are in. And you know what?? I LOVED that. In one of the other book reviews for this series, I noted that I didn't like that in that book, there wasn't so much of the Art. But HERE?? LOVED that there wasn't so much of it. I've no idea why it worked so well here! Something didn't quite click for me in book 7. Not so here. Whatever it was, doesn't happen here and I would have read this book in one sitting, well into time when I should have been at work, but really, I had to be present that day! But had real life not got in the way, one, single sitting. And its a long book!! OH!!! that little birthday party!! So great to catch up with everyone and their other halves, and the little ones! So many little people!! Ok so, summing up?? BEST ONE YET!! By far, after book one, my favourite of them all!! 5 full and shiny stars, because, lets face it, it can't have anything else, not at all!! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


I love this one!!

Gabriel (Order of the Black Knights Book 5) - RK Staunton
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book five in the Order of the Black Knights series. You don't need to have read the others, but you should. Each book has a different author, dealing with the same theme: love, kill, rinse and repeat. Until The One. The One who will stop the cycle. And I am LOVING how each author deals with this theme, really I am. Gabriel is now professor at a university in the middle of nowhere. Lucas is a student, but not one of Gabriel's. When Lucas' flat mate goes missing, Lucas calls on Gabriel's CIA background to help. And Lucas finds himself in far deeper than he ever imagined. And just like that, we are back up to 5 full stars!! I LOVED this one! On a par with Vespar, book three, it kinda grabs you, and doesn't let you go. Gabriel is, for the most part, hiding. Lucas sets all his radars off in ways he didn't know he had radars to set off. When Eric, the flat mate, goes missing, Gabriel has to dig deep, far deeper than he knew he could dig, to give Lucas what he needed. Lucas had noticed Gabriel way before that first cup of coffee appeared before him. And Gabriel pushed all of Lucas' buttons, in every which way. Gabriel's past that comes back to help Eric and Lucas brings them far closer than either of them planned, but both desperately needed. In all the other books, there has been a moment of, almost. . . I dunno if zen is the right word, but a moment when you think....."oh my freaking god" That moment here came when Gabriel let forth the name of the one who started him on this slippery slope, on the never ending love, kill, rinse, repeat cycle. I was like...."what did he just say?" Because I skim read at the best of times. And I glanced over that bit, stopped dead, went back, stopped again, read it again. Four times it took me rereading that little line for me to fully comprehend what he said. I've no idea WHY it took me four times, its just one little name, but there you go. Just needed to say that! Through a bit of stalking, and digging around Amazon/Goodreads and the like, I have discovered that this author usually writes, and I quote here "romance with a side of spanking" male/female romance. So this is her first attempt at male/male AND the darker/ grittier sort of book. And my opinion on that attempt?? NAILED IT. As in totally and utterly nailed it. So, because I read it in one sitting, and because Staunton NAILED it... 5 full stars! ps, please write more, I'll read them, I really will! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


freaking A-MA-ZING collection!

Falling Hard: Stories of Men in Love - Dale Cameron Lowry
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian * A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. * Oh my days! I freaking LOVE this job!! I have, along the way, found some amazing authors I may never have come across reading for myself. Dale Cameron Lowry is one such find. This little collection of 9 short stories of men falling in love, or keeping that love alive, was nothing short of A-MA-ZING!! I've never read anything by Lowry before, unless I read it in a box set, but by golly the man can write short stories!! There is here a little bit of something for every one. Some contemporary, some new adult, some sci fi, some vampires, ghosts. The heat level for each is slightly different, some almost clean and some way more explicit, again, a bit for every one. There's no violence, not really, unless you count being bitten by a vampire :-) I have two favourties. Born of Fire - The fairies on Ireland’s north coast are notorious for kidnapping, and Aodhán of County Donegal has the scars to prove it. When the fairies abduct the handsome youth Cainnech, Aodhán seeks to free him—but risks losing his health and Cainnech in the process. AND Pacific Rimming — On Mike's fortieth birthday, his husband, Ken, takes him on vacation to Vancouver Island in Western Canada to celebrate. While Mike mourns his loss of youth, Ken encourages him to recapture it by bedding a gorgeous twenty-something man they encounter while hiking in Pacific Rim National Park. A night of no-holds-barred passion among the three men reveals a sizzling chemistry, and when Mike and Ken return home they find themselves longing to reconnect with the young Jason. Can what started as a one-night stand transform into a threesome that lasts? Two very different books, told in two very different ways. What I really loved about these books, was the depth of connection I felt to each and every character, and the connection to their world. Whether it be Ireland of old, or Mars, thousands of years in the future. Lowry nailed it, he nailed every single one!! Oh, and I should point out too, there is one story that is written, wait for it, wait for it ......first person, present tense. And ya'll KNOW how I feel about THOSE!! But here, because it's short, I really enjoyed it. So there *insert sticking out tongue and blowing raspberries at ya* So, because I actually managed to read this, in a single day at **whispers very quietly, please don't tell anyone** work, and because I enjoyed all 9 nine stories, and because I really REALLY want to read more by Lowry... 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


best one of three!

Behr Facts (Foothills Pride) - Pat Henshaw
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO version of this book. Book three in the series, but you don't need the others for this to make sense. I loved book one, book two was not quite as good, but this one?? THIS BOOK?? By far the best of the three! Why?? I can only assume that Abe Behr himself, as the only voice in this book, that made this book for me. He shines, he really does. Usually I'll write a separate bit for the book and then a bit for the narration, but I can't split it here. David Ross' portrayal of Abe is just brilliant. He gives us Abe's slow growing affection then attraction to Jeff. Abe's dawning knowledge on who is pulling a fast one with his company. Abe's realization that he, and indeed, his brothers, need a life outside of Behr Construction. And we are shocked when Abe stands up and announces to the town meeting what he does. I loved that bit, because we had no idea what was coming! Also, I usually prefer my male/male books on the more explicit side. HOWEVER, this one is, again, like one and two, totally clean. And you know what?? I'm really REALLY enjoying that they are just so. I gave book one 5 stars because I thought it too cute, and book two got 4 stars because I really didn't like Fredi so much. I think I loved this one a little more than book one, but not because it was too cute. I loved it because it carries a little more emotion, it delves a little deeper, because Abe got to the grand old age he does, and was still a virgin. Because I did not see that coming, I tell ya, I really didn't! 5 stars for the book 5 for the narration 5 overall **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


not quite as good as book one.

Redesigning Max (Foothills Pride Stories) - Pat Henshaw
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO version of this book. Max needs helps remodeling his cabin. It's just brown and shades there of. Fredi takes up the challenge. And they both get more than they bargained for. This is book two in the Foothills Pride series and you don't need to have read/listened to book one, What's In A Name for this one to make sense. I have and I loved that one, it was just too stinking cute! But this one didn't quite hit that mark and I don't know why! It is, again, told in the 1st person, single point for view, and it's Fredi who gets a say/ I also think it's because Max didn't have a say. And Max really needed a say, he makes such life changing decisions here. I needed to know why he approached Fredi, to know why he came out as he did. I just NEEDED Max, and we don't get him. Again, totally clean, but I'm not missing it! However, the bigots in the Foothills are getting restless and they turn deadly here. Still, a great little short, 98 pages, hence the hangover tag. David Ross again narrates. While enjoying listening to this for the most part, Fredi's voice grated on my nerves. I've no idea why, I guess some voices just do. David Ross' voices for Jimmy and Guy are consistent from their book, and I had no problem defining who was speaking in multi person conversations. Ross' reading voice is clear and even, and apart from Fredi's voice, I liked how he portrayed Fredi and Max. Just shy of 3 hours listening time. 4 stars for the story (because we don't get Max) 4 stars for the narration (because of Fredi's voice) so, 4 stars overall. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


it proper whoops you upside the head!

Leap of Faith - Jackie Keswick
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Kieran and Joel have worked together for 4 years. They have each loved the other for the same amount of time but neither wanted to ruin what they had. But when both man get caught up in something that nearly costs them both their lives, all bets are off. This sort of creeps up on you, and slaps you upside the head when you aren't looking! It starts off slow, and then rapidly increases speed till we are at rocket speed and I loved this book! Its seemed only short, the some 125 pages, according to Goodreads, but Amazon tags it with 205 pages, but it packs a powerful punch. Both men have suffered, and both have learned the other soothes their soul. Joel won't sleep till Kieran is close by, and Kieran's nightmares are held back by Joel's simply telling him he's there. And this is BEFORE they get their act together and admit how they feel. It does get a little.....messy, when Kieran gets caught snooping, and when they are talking about what happened the week before. That's why I've filed it as darker/grittier. Its painful reading, but only because of the subject matter, not how its written. There is a cast of supporting characters whom I hope will appear in future books, not least Joel's dad and uncle. Oh and the doctor who helps them. OH!! the doctor and the uncle, now that would be great!! I really don't care who appears in future books, I just want to read them. I've read The Power of Zero books, one through three, and I loved them. This is on a par with them. so, because it whoops you upside the head outta nowhere.. 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


takes a while to get going.

Maon: Marshal of Tallav - Cailin Briste
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. You know sometimes, when you read a blurb, and your brain maps how you think the book is gonna go, and then you read the book, and its not...quite...what you expected?? This book, right here. I'm not knocking the book, but my brain had a whole different path for these two, and it went another way, and it left me feeling a little disappointed. And for that, I'm sorry I didn't love it. Because it is a really GOOD book. Maon's job brings him into contact with Selina, and Selina's secret brings her into contact with Maon, and their BDSM club. And I **think** this might be where I went wrong. Because Selina is a Domme, and Maon and switch, but heavier on the submissive side with the right Domme. Selina pushes all his submissive buttons. But I wanted MORE of them BEFORE Selina reveals her secret, because I read so few books with a strong female Domme and a male sub and I wanted more more MORE! I did like that the secret isn't dragged out for the whole book. I did like that both Maon and Selina learned that the guilt they carried into their adult lives was misplaced, and unwarranted. I did like that both of them were made to see what, and indeed who, they really wanted. This is book two in the Marshal of Tallav series. The first book features Shane, Maon's best friend, and I have not read that book. But I wonder if Shane's books comes AFTER this one in the time line, because not once is the female from Shane's book mentioned here, actually the impression I get from THIS book, is that Shane is single. Maybe I misread something, maybe it really is out of line. I dunno. I'd like to read it though. I did like the way Ms Briste tells her story. The missing shipment story arc turns into something totally unexpected. Very well written. I'd like to read more of this series, other than Shane. One or two characters piqued my interest. because my brain went the wrong way, and because it did take me a while to get into the story proper.... 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


really really...cute!

Patience - Helena Stone
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Xander's string of one night stands leads his best friend, Erik, to bet he cannot stay celibate for 30 days. Once the idea settled with Xander, he really was determined to do it. He just never factored into the equation a certain tattoo artist whom Xander chooses to use for permanent reminder of his bet. Troy's tattoo business takes up all his time, since HIS so called best friend left him with the start up of their joint venture. He recognizes Xander. And the so called best friend keeps creeping into Troy's thoughts and he wants to leave Xander well alone. But he can't. My first and strongest thought after finishing this was: cute. really, really cute. And I can't shift that thought, even after 3 days. So, cute its gonna have to be. I loved how Xander's mind worked, once challenged by Erik. Loved how he processed it all. Loved that, while sorely tempted by Troy, he managed to stay the full 30 days. And nearly cried when it all started to go wrong so close to the end! Troy is right to try to steer clear of Xander. Troy's so called best friend, Shane, really messed them both up. But Troy eventually sees past Shane's hold. Troy and Xander's relationship grows through the 30 days, and because of the time scale, its a while before they finally get nekkid and naughty! And I LOVED being made to wait! I do love it when it takes time for the main characters to get themselves together enough for the main event, but here?? It was especially.....cute. I'm sorry, there's that word again! It pains me deeply that I cannot find a better word than cute but I really did enjoy this book! Its not a negative word, not at all! I hope I get to read any more in this series, Erik needs a story, for sure! a solid 4 star read. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


falls very short of the other three books

Unforgettable Lover - Rosalie Redd
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is a prequel if you will, a short burst and introduction to the Worlds of Lemuria, and its inhabitants. I am reading this AFTER I read books one, two and three and for me, this one falls very short of those three books. It tells the story of Leonna and Nicholai and their coming together. They are Noeh's parents. The story itself is some 173 pages but it only took me just over an hour. I found myself skimming far more than I usually do and that is never a good thing. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's a good book, a good tale that is well written and I saw no spelling errors. It just doesn't do what it's supposed to. It doesn't have any of the antics on Lemuria (I'm really bad, the names of the players eludes me!) There is very little history, considering its only 600 years or so before book one, and the war will still have been raging for 9 thousand years. Maybe its because I read it AFTER the others and its designed to be read BEFORE. Maybe that why it didn't quite push my buttons as well as the other three books did. So, 3 stars. **Same worded review will appear elsewhere**


not quite as good as book two

Unimaginable Lover - Rosalie Redd
ndependent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. We met Tanen in book two, he is the council leader and tasked with keeping the traitor in the dungeons. Tanen makes a mistake, and chases off to try to save the colony. Sheri is Ram's ex-wife. When she finds Tanen in one of her sheds, she has an instant and powerful reaction to him. Not as good as book two, but still a very enjoyable read. Tanen is, as the title suggests, an unimaginable lover, a hero you don't see coming. I loved Tanen, and his internal demons. Loved Sheri and her external ones. Loved how the two of them came together and LOVED who helps them! Did not see that one coming, I tell ya!! The Gods and Goddesses are again playing with peoples lives, but one wants to keep Earth free and the other wants to enslave it. I still can't see where their story arc is going, that one is proper keeping me on my toes! I'd love to read more of this series as they come out. I just hope the author doesn't drag it out for too long, because there does come a point when you gotta say, enough, we need a winner. 4 solid stars again. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


creeping up some more!

Untamable Lover - Rosalie Redd
We met Demir in book one, he was the leader who wanted to enslave Melissa. And Aramie is he second in command. When Demir is injured trying to save Noeh, he is paralyzed and is bed bound, but he can hear, and feel. He can feel when those who tend him see his scars, he can feel when Aramie trims his beard. He can FEEL the change in him since he released Melissa. He can FEEL the change in his feelings for Aramie. But he can't to anything, while he is bed bound. Aramie goes off to find a cure and after that, all bets are off. I did not, I repeat NOT like Demir in book one. He does redeem himself though, at the end but here? I loved him. You feel for him, lying there, with only himself for company. It must be awful, to be like that. When he finally gets free, I loved that he wanted Aramie to; not challenge him, because that would mean he'd have to kill her; but to question his every move, to make him think, "well, actually, I don't want a weak and submissive female, I want someone with strength and character and I want Aramie" I liked that Ram, the leader of the Gossum, the opposition, has move lives that a bloody cat! I really did. The bigger picture again, moves at speed, but time is drawing short, and there must be a winner soon, so each god, out there on Lemuria tries to win however they can but one is a little more sneaky than the other! While I was reading this one, I thought it equal to book one, but now I'm writing the review, I find myself thinking that its slightly better, more enjoyable. So... 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5 because the blog/Goodreads/Amazon don't do halves!) **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


it grows on you!

Untouchable Lover - Rosalie Redd
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. A few short months ago, on the world of Lemuria, two Gods declared war over Earth. Some 10,000 years later on Earth, that battle still rages. But time is drawing to a close, and there must be a winner. King Noeh leads his people, in the war. Melissa is on the run from a leader who wants to enslave her. Together, they bring to the table unique abilities and insight, that might just sway the war in their favour. For me, this took time to build into Noeh and Melissa's story. There is much back story at the beginning and at first I thought, yeah, okay, this is good, but not brilliant. BUT, as the story unfolds, both the Melissa?Noeh arc and the much bigger picture, I appreciated that beginning. I really did! The much bigger arc is huge. Like MASHOOSIVE, and spans all three books so far (I read them all, THEN wrote the reviews) And you gotta be on your toes, keeping up because in places this book runs at rocket speed! And if I have to slow down my reading, thats a darn good thing, trust me! Melissa and Noeh's story moves at a much more sedate pace, and I did like that, since the bigger picture moves so fast. They take time to get to know each other but still are butting heads all the time. A thoroughly enjoyable read, for sci-fi and paranromal fans alike. I apologise if I say the same thing in all three reviews! 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


not quite as good as Gabriel or A Deadly Sin

Harlot - Tracie Podger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This book, Harlot, is written to be read alongside Gabriel, and A Deadly Sin. You don't NEED to have read those books to follow this one, though, as this is a standalone. Those two books were stunning, mind blowing 5 star reads. This one?? Not so much. Oh don't get me wrong, its still a bloody good read, it just doesn't have that.....that......SOMETHING that the other two books have and I cannot figure out why and ya'll know how that stresses me so! Its told only from Charlotte's point view, in keeping with Gabriel. Maybe it was this, or maybe it was Charlotte herself, at 19, that didn't work for me, I don't know what it is it that's missing! Charlotte is thrown into a life of prostitution by her cousin who is appointed guardian when her gran dies. Said guardian walks with some very unsavoury characters who are part of the cult that Gabriel and Mich are fighting, although the cult seems to be evolving, rapidly away for the Divine Child theory and into all the things available to underworld bosses: drugs, prostitution, trafficking and the like. Someone she liked was killed, and he turns out to be quite the opposite of his public image. There is a huge supporting cast who take Charlotte in when she runs, and that melds seamlessly into Gabriel and Mich's tales. I loved those ladies! Loved how they each had their own tale to tell, but they don't tell it, just hint at it, and you have to fill the gaps yourself. Lord only knows what they have all suffered at the hands of the cult and its leaders. Beau helps Charlotte too, even though she looks so much like his lost love. Charlotte has, as much as she can, a happy ending, but her life will never be all hearts and flowers. I wonder though, will Beau ever be happy? Like, really and truly happy? Will he have a book all to himself?? That would be awesome! I needed to get into his head here, and I didn't. I've no idea where Ms Podger is taking this group of books, because they aren't really a series, I really don't but I so need to follow them! Maybe it's because Gabriel and A Deadly Sin blew me away so much, and I'm reading this so close after them, I don't know *insert wailing sound for trying to figure out why I didn't love it!* A solid four star read **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


creeping up!

An Imperfect Engagement - Alyssa Drake
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book two in the Wiltshire Chronicles, and you really SHOULD read book one before this, A Perfect Plan. This one follows immediately on from that and not all is recapped here. And AGAIN we're left hanging! Not quite as badly as book one, granted but still. Thing are not resolved, the murderer from book one is still at large, as is his recently revealed accomplice (not WHO said accomplice is, mind, just that there is one!) There are some developments in the genral plot line, a twist that literally smacked me upside the head because I did NOT see that coming, ideas, ideas, ideas as to who wrote that little missive to previously aforementioned murderer!! I love how Samantha and Benjamin's relationship continues to grow, within the confines of "proper" behaviour of their time. Love that both of them push those confines far more than anyone should. LOVE that while Edward, Sam's brother, knows full well of that pushing, he doesn't restrict it. Almost encourages it, to be honest! Thomas, Benjamin's twin, seems to be spreading his wings, with ladies, quite literally, swooning at his feet BUT one particular lady has him running for the hills and I can't wait to get that full story! OH!! I and LOVED that while Samantha was often and frequently shortened to Sam, Benjamin was not once shortened to Ben. I need to say that. Its a bugbare of mine, and I loved that Benjamin was given his full name every time. Not even Thomas shortened it! Wonder how long I'm gonna have to wait for book three!! Still can't quite stretch to five full stars, however, I'm rounding this one UP to 5 stars for the blog/amazon purposes. But getting there, creeping up each time. So... 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5) **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


painful but brilliant!

There's This Guy - Rhys Ford
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jumping straight in, just as the book does. Not writing a blurby bit, because I simply can't. Chapter one. Page one. And I'm crying. I'm thinking that this is gonna be a much darker read for me than of late and I was not disappointed! Ford pulls you, kicking and screaming into Jake's world and you FEEL it, right here, *touches chest, repeatedly* right there, you FEEL for Jake, you really do. And when it is all laid out for you, oh God, more tears!! Come to think of it, I spent much of this book in tears!! But trust me, there are happy ones at the end! Because Dallas does love Jake, right from that meeting of eyes across the street. He knows that Jake needs gentle handling, needs time to process everything. And Dallas will take Jake, as his friend, if that's what Jake needs. Jake doesn't, to be fair, know exactly what he needs but he KNOWS he needs Dallas in his life. And Celeste. Oh she is funny. But she had Jake's number way before Dallas did. And she made Dallas see. not as explicit as some of Ford's books, but that's not what this book is about. Its about seeing that, actually, you are a NOT bad person, and you really do deserve someone to love you. I love Rhys Ford's work, you know I do. I fell in love with The Sinners Gin guys, and for a very long time, they were my favourites. But this book?? Way WAY surpasses those books. I can't express, not properly, how this book affected me today. I read it in one sitting. The cat was pleased I did not more for better part of the morning. I could not find a way to stop reading. I needed to know that Jake and Dallas have their happy ending. Cannot give it anything other than... 5 full and painful, but brilliant stars ** same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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