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A very VERY fitting end!

Sin and Tonic (Sinners #6) - Rhys Ford
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. And breathe! Deep breath, it's just a review, Debbie, you can do it! So! This is book 6 in the Sinners series and I would recommend that you at least read Sinners Gin (book 1) and Absinthe of Malice (book 5) before you read this one. You need to know about Miki and Kane from the beginning since this is the conclusion to their story. Actually, I take that back. Read them ALL, please! Not least because they are 4 and 5 stars reads from me, but because you need these boys in your life, you really do! Miki is falling apart, and someone is trying to kill him. He finds out his mother's and then his father's name, and all hell breaks loose! It's been a while (Dec 2016) since I read book 5 and I don't reread, but once I got going, it all comes back to you. Ford spins her tales like no other, and I LOVE her work. It just grabs you, and pulls you kicking and screaming, along for the very bumpy ride that Miki and Kane take you on! I loved that Miki was finally able to ask for help, because that was a hard fought battle with himself. I loved that he was calling Donal (Kane's father) Dad. oh! I just LOVED IT!!! Loved that I did not see who might be responsible for everything, until it was revealed in the book. Ford has a way of keeping you on your toes! Very VERY emotional in places, a little bit messy what with dead bodies and things, but so, so bloody awesome! I can't say much, cos of spoilers and things but read it! Read them ALL!! It's always sad, coming to the end of a MUCH loved series, but I *think* this actually might be my favourite of the whole series. And of course I want to LISTEN to this, because I really don't hear the voices right, and I NEEEEEEED Tristan James and the Morgan/Finnegan boys and girls in my ear one more time. So, a very VERY fitting end, and I LOVED the epilogue! And I love love LOVED that Miki was finally able to share Kane a little with the world, more specifically, how much Kane means to him. A Song For Kane So throw back the gates of hell, Pull me down the path I'd walked. Find me in the darkness, No matter if I balk. Sing me a son of redemption, Sing me a ballad of love and bliss. Remind of the Heaven, I found in our first kiss. Bravo, Ms Ford. 5 full and shiny stars but really, it deserves far more! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


another scorching hot one!

Tokyo Heat (Nights Series #3) - A.M. Salinger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book three in the series, and you really SHOULD read book one, One Night, first. This is a continuation of Gabe and Cam's story. And it's a 5 star read! Book two, The Escort ain't too shabby either! A year ago, Cam and Gabe decided one night would never be enough. Then Gabe says those three little words and Cam's world implodes, and he runs. I loved One Night, made a new shelf for it and everything. But, while still a great, sexy read, I found this one lacking in the emotions i expected with someone running when told I love you. Oh! Don't get me wrong, these guys still burn high, and hot and long. I just didn't feel connected to Cam as much as I did to Gabe. Because we get Gabe dealing, or rather NOT dealing with the fact that Cam ran, but we don't get much of Cam after he runs, you know?? BUT OH.MY.GOD! When Cam pulls his head out of his ass and gets his act together and finally realises what that pain in his chest is?? That it's what he's feeling for Gabe?? He redeems himself in spectacular fashion! **that fanning again, girls!** I saw something going on between the two guys who own the company Gabe works for. I wonder what's going on there and whether they will get a story?? It's not book 4 or 5, cos I have those all lined up ready to go, but I HOPE they get a story! Ah, you know what?? Stuff it! I wrote 4 stars at the top of the page because of that not connecting to Cam thing. But now I'm typing it up, I think that's just CAM, you know?? He doesn't want you to know what he feels for Gabe, what he's dealing with while they are apart. He wants GABE to know, just how deeply he loves him. He DOES love Gabe, he just never thought he could love anyone. So! Upgrading to... 5 even more scorching stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


GREAT book, good narration

The Supers - Sean Michael
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO file of this book. Flynn joins Blaine's paranormal research group, and they visit an abandoned hospital. Things get real creepy and the guys are faced with a possession, a haunting a tragic love story and a twist I did not see coming! Another one of those books that kinda creeps up on ya and you have no idea, not a single clue about how its all gonna go down! While there is immediate attraction between Blaine and Flynn, it takes a while for them to act on it. The story of Room 204 builds at an even pace and there were points where I had to rewind, and double check that Blaine had in fact, called Flynn David. The story of Room 204 (that's how I heard it, with a capital R, if that makes sense!) did not play out how I was expecting it to! It's a little . . . fluffier. . . than other books I've read of Michael (Three Wishes) but it is a DreamSpun Beyond and they are generally so. Just enough heat and passion between Blaine and Flynn to keep the heat level high, but not scorching. Right for this book. Kenneth Obi narrates. Mostly, I enjoyed Obi's narration. His reading voice is clear and deep and he got over the emotions of Blaine and Flynn in all the right ways, in all the right places. His voice for the 204 ghost comes across as really REALLY nasty in some places, though, and that is probably why I did not see that ending coming at me.I thought the ghost was going to be a bit more vengeful. And the voices Obi gives to Blaine and Flynn are far too similar for my crappy hearing to make out the difference between them, so I struggled a bit keeping up with conversations between them BUT!!! I will give Obi another go, as this is the first of his work I listened to. 5 stars for the book 4 stars for the narration 4.5 (rounded down to 4) overall **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


excellent narration of a great book!

Unlikely Hero - Sean Michael
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the audio version of this book. Brock never got over Eric leaving him, but he understood why Eric needed to go. When Eric calls, 9 years later, Brock drops everything and calls upon his considerable resources to find Eric's 3 year old daughter , who has been kidnapped. But having Eric and Josie under his roof, to keep them safe, has Brock thinking about all the things he missed out on. I loved this!! Brock loved Eric, never stopped so of course he's gonna help him find his daughter! I loved that, right from Eric turning up at his office, Brock is calling him baby. I don;'t usually, so it surprised me here that I did love it! I think it surprised Brock too, the first time he did it! Brock makes no apologies for his wealth and power and he pulls no punches in using both to keep Eric and Josie safe, and in finding out who is doing this. But we don't get Eric, at all. This is told entirely from Brock's POV in the third person. And I really REALLY needed to hear from Eric at key points along the way: when Josie is first discovered gone; when he walks into Brock's office and when he finds out just who is behind it all. This is the only reason I gave the book 4 stars, because Eric is not given a voice, and he needed one. I loved the supporting cast, especially Max and Gordon. They have a tale to tell, not least because of what goes down here! Jeff Gelder narrates. This is the first, as far as I can see, that I have listened to of his work and I was very impressed. His reading voice is deep and even, and his voices consistent and easily identifiable in multi person conversations. Loved his voice for Josie, who sounded just like a 3 year old should, with all the funny things they say. Gelder gets over all of Brock's emotions in all the right places. I cannot fault the narration. Gelder is firmly on my to listen list! 4 stars for the book 5 stars for the narration. 4.5 (rounded down to 4) overall. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


really REALLY good!!

Machine Metal Magic (Mind + Machine #1) - Hanna Dare
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jaime runs, after the facility he and his kind were housed in, was attacked and everyone else killed. He can talk to the computers that run everything. He thinks this is not a gift, but a curse. He finds himself taken prisoner by a starship crew, carrying a cargo that needs delivering. Rylan is his jailer. But Rylan is keeping secrets from his crew, just as much as they keep secrets from him. Sci-fi is growing on me, it really is! Sometimes, sci-fi can be a little overwhelming, with all the technology and what-not, but not so here. I loved how it was explained how Jaime talks to the computers, to the ship, and to Rylan's artificial arm. Love how they play with that one

the warm and fuzzies are back!

Orderly Affair - D.J.  Jamison
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Book six in the series, but they are all stand alone novels with pop ups from previous characters. All 4 and 5 stars reads from me, bar book one, which I STILL haven't got to read yet! Ian is only just, at his 38th year, finally finding it in himself to find himself. A hook up app seems the best option. Finding Callum answering his message was a surprise, but both men run with it. I found myself fully engaged with both Ian and Callum. Ian, experimenting with his sexuality, and Callum, already fully embraced in his. Their chemistry is hot, and burns bright, even before they decide to date properly. Ian does tend to jump in with full force once he makes his mind up, and his mind is made up that he wants Callum. Callum's independent streak is a mile wide and causes some problems, he just needs to let Ian in. While Ian is still in the closest, though, Callum won't utter those three little words Ian already said, not until he knows he has a future with Ian. I loved that Callum waited for Ian, he could easily have gone off on one and forced the issue but he didn't. Ian's son forced the issue, in a spectacular way! Loved though, that after his blip, Liam comes around. I read this in one sitting. I even took the kindle to the kitchen to make tea and feed the natives so I didn't have to stop reading! No idea who is next, or even if there IS a next book. I'll read it, regardless. The first book in this series is a cross over with another series, and I'd like, at some point, to go back and read those books too. I'll add them to my pile, and maybe get round to them some time in 2025! I love this series, I really do. They leave me with that warm and fuzzies feeling that lasts for days! 5 warm and fuzzies stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


I don't want this series to end!

Switching Places (Kiss of Leather #8) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 8 in the series, the last one currently available, but for THIS book, you don't NEED to have read the other 7 books, it's far more a stand alone than the others. BUT you SHOULD read them, to get the full picture of what Elliot has been watching happen in Kiss of Leather. I have been equally looking forward to this book, as much as I have been dreading it. Because THIS is the book that I really REALLY wanted to read, and because this is the last book. After reading the other 7 in a short space of time, I hung onto this one, for as long as I possibly could! Master Lucas won Tai at the auction, and they've had a good run. They both know that this might not last, not least because Master Lucas does not bottom or sub, and Tai is a switch. But also because Master Lucas needs a TPE sub, and Tai is so not into that! Adding a third to their relationship might be the answer, and Tai knows just the boy. And Elliot is just the sweetest boy! A sweet young man who just wants to help. A sweet young man who has been majorly crushing on Tai, and Master Lucas to a point, since he started at Kiss of Leather. A sweet young man who makes a dreadful decision that requires help from Master Lucas and Tai and they come through brilliantly! I loved this , immensely! Elliot is such a sweetheart; Master Lucas, such a Dom and Tai fits somewhere between the two. Tai isn't bratty like Marshall (book 3) he just isn't totally subby. He and Master Lucas teach Elliot all the things he wanted to know, but never had anyone to do them with. They make it clear, right from the start, that this is not a once in a while thing, this is a permanent arrangement for as long as they all want it. It's glorious watching Elliot come into his own, both as sub for Masters Lucas and Tai, but also at the club, behind the bar and in the kitchen. His "hobby" for food and drink gives him a great deal of confidence. Not as emotionally wrecking as some of the other books, nor did I find it as explicit. What I did find, though, is it is a beautifully written tale of 3 men finding what and who is right for them: each other. If this really is the end?? It's a very fitting end. 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


i can't fault this series!

Facing Fears (Kiss of Leather Book 7) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Book 7 in the series, and you REALLY should read the others first, they work so much better for you, if you do! We met Master Hunter and Tobey in the previous book, but it wasn't clear they had any scenes, of anything. In this book, Tobey has run home because of something Master Hunter said. And when Tobey decides that home is NOT Idaho, but in the company of those who live and breathe the lifestyle, he knows he has to face Master Hunter again. He just doesn't know if his heart can stand it! What I particularly enjoyed about this one was, that Master Hunter and Tobey already had their getting together, they had their feelings grow and develop, and this is about them getting back together! And, also, *don't die of shock, here folks!* there is very little sexy time! Yes, yes I know, I KNOW I usually like my books with lots of sexy time, and this whole series has been amazing for that, but this book?? Not needed, at all. Cos what it's about is really two men, getting their act together and telling each other how they really feel! When Tobey gives Master Hunter a chance to explain his comment, well, lets just say, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (and pass the bucket!

loved this one!

Cutting Cords (Kiss of Leather #6) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Book 6 in the series, and blah blah blah, READ the others first! Cos I SAID so!! I don't recall if we met Liam in previous, or he was just mentioned as a friend of the other subs, but we certainly don't meet Master Neal til this book. Liam is traumatized by the death of his previous Master, and is skittish, and very socially awkward. Watching Master Neal doing a flogging at Kiss Of leather as part of his being accepted into the club, Liam is all kinds of torn up. For his love for Master Mark, but his need to move on. Being introduced to the painfully shy Liam, Master Neal's protectiveness goes into overdrive. He never wanted anyone like he wants Liam, and if he can be who and what Liam wants and needs, he will bide his time, treat Liam with the kid gloves he needs. I said in my review of Gaining trust that I thought Master Jordan was my most favourite, but now I have a dilemma! Because I LOVED Master Neal! And Liam, so painfully socially awkward! oh! Loved them both! Master Neal never wanted to do the TPE thing, but for Liam, he might just be able to do it. Liam needs that, and Master Neal needs Liam. He just didn't know he did, til he met Liam. I can't express how much Liam's story affected me, he had a painful upbringing and then meeting Master Mark, a much MUCH older guy, he was very sheltered. Watching him come out of himself, and become the young man who helps Master Neal at his tattoo and piercing shop was great fun. Master Neal is very playful with Liam, and while Liam needs the TPE, he also learns there are other things he needs. While the on going story arc is somewhat finished, it goes into different, more deadly direction. Spoilers I ain't giving! We are introduced to Tobey and Master Hunter, and also a couple of very interesting characters at Master Neal's tattoo shop! A story for Ray and Cruella would make a very welcome addition to this series!! 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


straight back up to 5 stars

Gaining Trust (Kiss of Leather #5) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. And just like that, back up to 5 stars! This is book 5 in the Kiss of Leather series, and you really REALLY should read the previous books first. There is an ongoing story arc and you need to be able to follow what's going on with that. And they are 4 and 5 stars reads

greta collaboration!

Soul of Discretion - Susan Mac Nicol, M. Tasia
I was gifted my copy of this book, direct from the author, that I write a review was not required. You know how you love a particular author, all their books are mostly 5 stars reviews, and then one comes along that throws you for a loop, and you did not love it, but you cannot figure out why?? This one, right here. Simon is in Canada to see just what has happened to his money, and more importantly, his friend. His hook-up provides him with some much needed relief. When said hook-up turns out to be the police officer dealing with his friend, both Simon and Nick realise they have to stay apart. But neither man can do that, because each man feels more for the other than just a hook-up. But how can things work, with them living on opposite sides of the world?? I LIKED this, I really did, I just didn't love, and it pains me deeply to say that, and I really don't know why! I loved Simon, being an Earl, but he doesn't lord it over others. He works hard, makes his millions by working hard and pushing others to work hard for him. Loved Nick, who is, up to now, quite happy in his job as a Mountie. Loved the supporting cast of characters that take part in this story. Loved how they came together, and that they both thought, quite quickly, that there could be more between them. I just didn't love the story! I did love how Jack, Simon's friend, redeemed himself, and the bad guys got their comeuppence, though. This is a collaboration between Susan Mac Nicol, and M.Tasia. I LOVE Ms Mac Nicol, but have only read one short by Ms Tasia. I tried really hard to pick out where each author had their say, as it were, but I couldn't find any seams. The changes between each author are smooth and painless and unless you KNOW where they are, you might never be able to pick those seams apart. So, very well done for that! So, as much as I enjoyed the story, I just didn't love it and for that I'm deeply sorry! 4 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


you'll need tissues!

Spark - H. J. Welch
I was gifted my copy of this book, that I write a review was not required. This is book two in the series, Homecoming Hearts, but you don't need to have read book one for this one to make sense, they can be all read as stand alones. Oh! Joey, Joey, Joey! I felt for Joey, deep in my heart! His father is a nasty piece of work, and he makes no effort to hide his feelings about Joey and his life. And while all the band members go home, (Ive already book 4) it's Joey's homecoming that leaves a mark that most. Gabe is lovely, quite happy with his lot, and his life. He just wants someone else in it. Joey fits the bill but Joey is such a hard nut to crack. His Independence is a hard won thing, and he plans to keep it. even if it might kill him. Quite a bit more emotionally charged than Scorch and Steam, I've yet to read Burn, but I will get to it shortly! Read it, but have the tissues ready and be prepared to swear profusely at the waste of space that is Joey's father and brother. His momma though, she surprises you! 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


a great read, just fell a little short of Master Josh and David.

Grand Opening (Kiss of Leather #4) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 4 in the Kiss of Leather series, and you really SHOULD read the other books first, you won't get the full enjoyment out of this one if you don't. This is all about Master Josh and his sub, David. Although they are already in a committed relationship, things between are tense, with Master Josh so busy at the club, and David left at home. Usually, David enjoys the Total Power Exchange part of their relationship, but how can he care for his Master, when said Master is never home? This one, for me, fell a little short. While it IS Master Josh and David's story, it felt like there was very little of Master Josh and David! When David calls "moratorium" and calls a halt to their relationship, Master Josh is placed in a situation he never was meant to be: at the feet of another Dom. Gavin, to be exact. And we get so little of what Master Josh goes through, during those two weeks! I so desperately wanted it all: every single thing Master Gavin does to make Josh (cos let's face it, at this point, he doesn't deserve his Master title!) see, to really SEE what he has been putting David through, and we only get the very last bit. The Grand Opening does eventually go off without a hitch, Master Josh and David's problems notwithstanding, but there is an unwelcome visitor, and Corey's kidnapping comes right back into the action. I do enjoy the continuing story arc, and the fact that ALL the players from previous books continue to take part in subsequent books. Just that this one fell a little flat. so, 4 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


Reluctant Dom meets bratty sub

Bondage Rescue (Kiss of Leather #3) - Morticia Knight
Independent review for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Book 3 in the Kiss of Leather series, and I again STRONGLY recommend you read book one, Building Bonds, and two, Safe Limits first. There are things that happen in those books that you need to know about for this one to make sense. Reluctant Dom meets bratty sub! Marshall is Kyle's best friend and had disappeared. Calling on Master Josh for help was a last ditch to get the help he needs. Help that comes in the form of the private detective Kiss of Leather's law firm recommends to find the Dom who hurt Corey. Stone hasn't been in any sort of D/s lifestyle for 5 years, since the death of a sub that he was accused of. But meeting Marshall, seeing that young man all haggard looking and far too thin, releases something in Master Stone and he steps up to teach Marshall that true submission really is a beautiful thing. If you follow you reviews (and I thank you if you do!) you'll know I'm all about the sexy time. I do love my books on the more explicit side, and I make no bones nor apologies for that. What I particularly LOVED about this one, was that Master Stone and Marshall do not get their sexy time til the last TEN MINUTES of their story! I LOVED being made to wait. Oh, don't get me wrong, Master Stone knows just how to teach Marshall about self worth and he teaches him that punishment does not mean pain, although Marshall a pain-slut. Master Stone rather enjoys teaching the bratty subs, the brattier the better and Marshall just happens to be the most brattiest, stubborn, mouthy sub he has ever come across. And Master Stone, very quickly, makes its very clear that Marshall will have to wait, and wait PATIENTLY to have sex with him. And I LOVED IT!!! The hunt for Corey's abuser continues, takes a shocking turn. I'm not telling you what though! Cos, you know, SPOILERS and all that! But I will tell you, when all this goes down, Master Stone has the exact same reaction as Master Derek does, and they go after THEIR boys. Sometimes, in a series, especially when the main couples are very similar (here, big bad Dom and younger smaller guy) they get a little same old/same old. I'm NOT finding that here though. Yes all three Doms are older, and bigger, and yes, all three subs are younger and smaller, but their STORIES are so different! The on-going story arc helps a great deal, and the fact that the guys from the previous books continue to play a HUGE part in future books, too, but it's the SUBS who have the greatest differences and I LOVE that they are all friends. Up next, are Master Josh and David. While already in a committed relationship, I can't wait to get their story. Because it's the Grand Opening of Kiss of Leather and I have a feeling it is not going to be as plain sailing as it has been and I look forward to being introduced to new characters. Some reference to drug and alcohol abuse, but not described in any detail. Loving these! 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


darker storyline but excellent followup!

Safe Limits (Kiss of Leather #2) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Book two in the Kiss of Leather series and I strongly recommend you read book one, Building Bonds, first. Master Gavin and Kyle's relationship continues in this book. Master Derek agrees to watch over David's best friend, Corey, while Master Josh and David are away. Faced with the young man, Master Derek can't help but soften his natural growlly voice; Corey is scared, and when Master Derek finds out WHY?? Oh my days! Protective instincts abound! Corey needs to know: whatever HE did, he did not deserve what happened to him. Again, Master Derek and Corey's relationship moves rapidly, far more so that I was expecting, especially when the truth about what Corey ran from becomes clear. Master Derek needs to temper his natural bear-ness, although Corey does has a thing for a bear! It doesn't take long for these two to admit their feelings, though and I rather enjoyed being made to wait for them to consummate their relationship. Also enjoying again, the EMOTIONS involved! Corey is, by his own admission, a bit of a mess and it takes all of Master Derek's experience as a Master to bring out just what Corey is feeling. I think the event that bought Corey to Master Derek might run on into future books. Things are progressing at the club, although still not yet open! Loving these books so far. Loved this one a bit more than book one! Quite a bit more! I hope they are all up to this standard. Trying NOT to read them back to back though! Loving that ALL the guys seem to be taking a part in these books. This one carries a darker story line, and some readers may find it difficult reading. 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


great start to the series!

Building Bonds (Kiss of Leather #1) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. I have a soft spot for male/male romances, and a soft spot for BDSM books. Stick the two together, and you have a sure fire winner! What I particularly enjoyed about this one, was that Kyle had, up to now, no interest in the BDSM world! His friend, Marshall, recommended him to his previous Master's new business venture, a club. Kyle is a master at BDSM hardwear; crosses, benches and the like but has no interest in using them, he just makes them. He tells himself this often enough, he'll begin to believe it! That is, until he comes face to face with Gavin. Kyle can no longer deny his feelings. Gavin is Sir, Master to his subs. He believes in the full and total submission of his subs. Kyle pushes ALL of Gavin's buttons and then some! Master Josh, and Master Derek are joint business partners with Gavin, and we get a little, but not much, insight into their lives. I'm hoping that somewhere along the way we will get more of Master Josh and his partner, his sub, David. Master Derek has his story up next. What I also really liked, and, being honest here, cos you know I gotta say, was this: the relationship moves at SPEED between Master Gavin and Kyle. Ordinarily, I wouldn't like that, more so in a BDSM book, but it felt right and proper for Master Gavin to fall so utterly in love with the shy sweet man that is Kyle. Laying down of future books happens too, and I can't wait to read them! I have a feeling that all these guys, those we have already met, and those we haven't, are going to fall in love fast and deep and HARD and I cannot wait! I've read a couple of Ms Knight's books before, I like the way she concentrates more on the emotions involved in BDSM, rather than the actual physical parts. Great start to the series! 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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