my STAND OUT book of the year

Digging Deep (Digging Deep #1) - Jay Hogan
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. I want to just say a few words about this book, cos if I let myself have free reign, the review might be as long as the book! Outstanding! Brilliant! Best book of the year! Drake is a midwife with more than a few problems, most of them centring around his Crohn’s. When he gets arrested for using the loo, Caleb is the arresting officer and is immediately and totally smitten with Drake. Drake, though, holds Caleb at arm's length and then some. Making sure Caleb knows exactly what he is getting into with Drake is the only way to make Caleb see that Drake is not boyfriend material. But Caleb? Batchelor that he is, he doesn’t back down from Drake’s all doom and gloom and it takes a flare up for Drake and a shooting for Caleb to make both men see that they are perfect for each other. So, picture the scene. It’s miserable out, you’ve a glass of wine, and an early night and a new book to start. Bear in mind, you have to be up at 6am for that darn day job and it is already after ten. And the next thing you know, the book is finished, the wine sat untouched, it’s 3am and you just put your kindle down and go “” There are no other words that floated in my brain when I finished this book, none at all. All I could think was “” just that! And trust me when I say, that is a very VERY good thing! Drake is a prickly sort, he’s a male midwife, he’s gay and he has a life altering condition that requires a huge amount of adjustment for him, let alone anyone else. Caleb is happy, plodding along with his very uncomplicated life. And Drake knocks Caleb for six, quite literally. Drake also pushes Caleb away so darn hard, I felt it. But Caleb, he’s a stubborn sort, and when Drake wants wooing, Caleb woos! Oh yes, that boy does wooing beautifully! There is a huge, massive, MAHOOSIVE amount of talk about what Crohn’s means to Drake and what that would mean to a prospective partner. And really, it is absolutely needed here. Caleb needs to know, right down to the itty bittiest detail what it means to live with this disease, and what Caleb should expect. And Caleb?? Caleb laps it all up and throws the hole darn pile of poop right back at Drake! The level of research into Crohn’s is amazing and either the author worked her bloody socks off, and/or has first hand experience, because it shows! There is a lot of information, yes, but the way Drake delivers it to Caleb, it’s all absorbable for the lay person to take in. I loved these two! So very different, but so very matched. They are funny in places, and deeply emotional. Sexy in places, and downright filthy too. Oh I could rant all day about this book, I really could! This is only the THIRD book that Hogan has written, and the second I have read. I need more! I really do! Cos if Hogan can deliver THIS level of writing after only 3 books, I’ma on the end of the next one, oh yes, yes I am! So, in case you did NOT get how I felt about this book, and ya’ll know I’m all about my book feelings: This is my outstanding book of the year! I’ve filed it on my “Masterpieces” shelf too. And as if I could give it anything other than: 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**