3 very good shorts

Dark Encounters Box Set - Jambrea Jo Jones
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this box set of three short stories. I can't write three individual reviews for such short stories, the whole box set is 130 pages, and it took my an hour to read, but I will write a general one, encompassing what I thought about the three tales, which all take place within the BDSM club, Dark Encounters There is Elizabeth and Ren: She goes to the club open night, but ery nearly walks out without speaking to anyone, but she catches Ren's eye. He doesn't play very often, but felt a need to come to the club this night. Elizabeth is a sub, and Ren, a Dom and their night goes pretty much how you expect it to. Well written, from Elizabeth's point of view only. All three tales are single point of view, actually! then we have Franco and Trevor: Franco works at the club and has had a crush on Trevor who owns said club, forever. But trevor doesn't play with his staff. A sex carnival gives Trevor the opportunity to finally act on his desire. They start at a Ferris Wheel spanking and things move quickly after that. And my favourite of the three! Kameron wants one thing, well TWO really. Theodore and Beck fit all the requirements Kameron has, but will they want him for more than one night? Can he really be the middle of a bear sandwich forever? Three well written, well delivered but far too SHORT stories, that hit just the spot they need to. I read this in the tub, and thoroughly enjoyed it! I haven't read anything else by this author, but I would like to now. Something longer, maybe a full length book. Something that shows off what she can do with more words and pages to play with! 4 very good stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**