a lotta LURVE in this book, folks!

Death By C*ck (Fetish Alley #2) - Susan Mac Nicol
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book two in the Fetish Alley series, but it's not necessary to have read book one, For Fox Sake. Not necessary, but I would recommend you do read it, if only to get a better picture of Tate and Clay, and of the other characters who pop up here again. And you know, since I'm recommending, you should also probably read Feat Of Clay, from the Men of London series, cos that will give you a FAR bigger picture of Tate and Clay and how they work as a couple. When a young taxidermist is found dead in his place of work, the police call in Tate and Clay to help with the locals, since the police seem to be hitting a wall with the residents of Fetish Alley, and Tate and Clay are almost family to Relio, who runs the Alley. Can they figure out who killed the young man, and who is behind the spate of protection racket visits the Alley residents have had? So, like I said, book two. And an excellent follow up it is too! I think I enjoyed this one more than book one, as well. Here's why. I got whodunnit very quickly, and why they-dunnit too, so it was fun watching that unravel and turn out just as I thought. So, once that was established, I sorta glanced over those bits and settled on the more important parts of this book: that of Tate and Clay, and the way each of them, independently of each other, thought about things they wanted to change. It's gonna be kinda vague, cos spoilers and all that, but bear with me! One of the two had asked the other, a long time ago, to marry him. And I expected THAT person to ask again, but its the OTHER that does, and in such a way, you felt it, deep in your heart! It's not a well thought out, planned long declaration of love, though. It's a rushed, heartfelt deeply emotional proposal, done in a way that is so very THEM, and I bloody loved it! OH! And, I noticed, in both For Fox Sake, and Feat of Clay, that these guys are not ones for professing their love. Don't get me wrong, Tate and Clay adore the ground the other walks on and would KILL for the other, but they don't say those three little words. And they do here, and again, its just dropped in, as they do, with one of them nodding off. And bloody hell if it didn't make me cry! Although this is set in Fetish Alley, there is very little actual kink, almost none, really. Tate and Clay do some shopping and that's about as kinky as it gets. Oh, there is heat, so much heat and sexy time between Tate and Clay, and some we get shut down on, but the KINK? not so much. Relio and Tomas play a part, and we still have not very much idea with what's going on with those two, but clearly, something is. I can't wait to find out what! A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the afternoon! 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**