so bloody sweet, but GOOD!

Single (Single Dads #1) - R.J. Scott
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This book, this just shy of 200 pages?? So bloody sweet, I broke a tooth! I mean it's so bloody good, so cute, warm and fuzzies too! Ash is left, quite literally, holding the baby, and the idiot banging on his door at 3am is gonna get it if he wakes Mia up! Sean comes to rescue his friend, who just moved in next door to Ash, and is smitten, immediately, and totally with Ash, but equally, with Mia. Once Sean knows Ash is single, he wages an all out war to make him see that just because he has a baby, he doesn't have to be a monk. Like I said, so bloody good! Both Ash and Sean have a say, in the first person. Both voices are clearly headed, and happen as the chapter changes. Both men's voices are well defined and they tell their story well. I loved the marked differences between them too. Ash is trying, bless him, to be the best dad he can, and is a little overwhelmed by that new dad feeling, especially now he bought Mia home, and he is alone. He thinks he won't have a life til she leaves home, and holds steadfast to that, till Sean makes him see that he doesn't need to give up on life. Ash's sister will help, his mother is a bit on the dodgy side. Their relationship is rocky at the best of times, but she tries to make amends here, she really does. Eric and Leo are Sean best friends and house mates. Sean is an Emergency Room doctor; Eric, a fireman and Leo is a cop. They three guys are great together, and once Sean admits Ash is HIS, they look out for Ash and Mia. There are some characters who hint at their stories, Eric and Leo included, and I can't wait to meet Brady properly: he has some tale to tell, I'm sure! This is the first full length book I've read of Scott's that was just written by her. I've read the Owattonna U Hockey series she wrote with VL Locey. I want to read more. I really enjoyed this! 4 sickly sweet but oh so GOOD stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**