good but not one for me

Escaping Camp Roosevelt - Bryan T. Clark
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. I'm going to struggle with this review, I know I am, so please bear with me, okay? I don't usually like books with college age young adults as the main characters, but something about the blurb must have grabbed me for me to say yes to reading it, even though the blurb says how old Tucker and Dancer are. I can't tell you what though. And Tucker is a little naive at the beginning of this book. Dancer is far more world wise than a 21 year old should be, but he's been on the streets a long time. There are some difficult topics dealt with here. Tucker's mum is a drug user. Dancer is selling himself (although nothing is described in any great detail). Some abuse. Homelessness, how families cope with that. All topics are, I thought, dealt with well. Both Tucker and Dancer have their say, in the third person. Both voices are distinctive and clear, and they tell their story well. I just *insert sigh* don't know that I LIKED it. I certainly did not love it, but I'm not left with any negative feelings about it, either. It just does not push my buttons, I'm afraid. But I DID finish it, and it held my attention the whole way through. So for that reason . . 3 stars. I'm sorry, I really I am! Someone will love the pants off this book, but it's not me. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**