my fav of the four!

Forged Futures (Tribal Spirits #4) - Katherine McIntyre Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book four in the Tribal Spirits series, and I would STRONGLY recommend you read books one through three first. There is an ongoing story arc that rears its ugly head again, and you need to know the devastation this has caused before now. Lana’s husband was killed by the Landsliders last year, and she is existing. She isn’t surviving, or living, just existing. When those Landsliders come after Lana, Lucas, of the East Coast Tribe, is back in town to find out why. To get the shaman who has been at the right hand of the man who betrayed The Tribe. Having to stay in Lana’s house though, wasn’t in the plan but the tiger within Lucas demands he stay, to keep her safe. When they realise the Landsliders are looking for a device that Lana’s dead husband stole from them, the Red River and Silver Springs packs prepare for all-out war on the Landsliders. But what about after? Lucas will leave and Lana will be left alone again. Won’t they? Like I said, book 4 in the series, and I think, maybe my favourite of the four so far. Can’t tell you why, though, but that’s my feeling and ya’ll know I’m ALL about the book feelings! Lana is just about getting by. As a cat, she needs that physical connection and since her husband’s death, she gets it only from her friend, Ally. Which, while lovely, it doesn’t quite help, you know? Lana’s attraction to Lucas was as unexpected as it was unwanted. Lana feels guilty for cheating on her husband, even though he is gone. Once Gavin’s friends are made to see how much she needs this with Lucas, she jumps all in. As Tribe, Lucas moves around, having only his family home as a base. Staying with Lana makes him see what he has been missing. Coming home to someone who gets him, on a deep level that no one, not even his Tribe mates, do. Lana SEES Lucas, she really does. But what I particularly loved about this one, what made it stand out, was there was none of that MINE thing that usually comes with shifter mates. There was attraction, and feelings and emotions, yes, and these grew over time, but that immediate MINE moment? Nothing, not until they were fully mated, and it was a kind of “OH!” moment for Lana and Lucas and I really loved that. While they were taking comfort in each other, the mating bonds formed and neither realised til that moment. Loved that! There are many secrets that come out here, and poor Lana bears the brunt of them. Sierra and Dax; Jer and Raven play a huge part here, but Finn and Navi are only mentioned. With one half of the head of the Landsliders now disposed of, lets hope in the next book they can get rid of them entirely. And I believe that Drew, the Landslider who turned against them, gets his story next. The bad boy does turn good here, fighting for the packs and there are some mahoosive clues (unless I’m totally dense and misread them totally wrong!) as to who might be Drew’s mate. I hope I did not read them wrong, cos the cat in question clearly has feelings for Drew and vice versa, and they are no clearer then when they are “stuck” So, please let it be her! 5 full and shiny stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**