pure sugar!

The Accidental Baker - Clare London
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. A short review for a short book, only 5 chapters, 64 pages, took me about 40 minutes to read. Some chocolate eggs and bunnies escape and find their way into the lives for four men, who each find love. This book is PURE sugar! It's so bloody SWEET, your teeth will rot but I LOVED it! I will usually say that I prefer my books on the more explicit/sexy side, but this particular book is almost clean, just some kissing and some talk about what one character wants to do. CLEAN and I loved that it was! I've only read another short by London, and loved that too, but now I want to read something longer, more in depth book. I like the way she spins her tales, I really do. This book landed on my kindle at 9am. It was read by 10am. I hadn't moved out my pit, I'm full of a cold but this book made me feel a little better, about myself and the world. So, thank you Ms London, this dollop of sugar set me up for the day! 4 solid stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**