freaking loved this!

Crossing the Touchline (Auckland Med. #2) - Jay Hogan
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Stealing the tagline from the official blurb, because it is just the perfect tagline I have ever come across! What if your dream will cost you the man who's stolen your heart? Reuben Taylor has a choice to make. Cameron Wano is that choice. I'm struggling to say what I want to about this book, because I FREAKING loved it! So if this review runs away with the fairies, I apologise. I shall try to make a coherent sentence or two! Reuben is so far in the closet, it's pitch black in his life. His brother is an alcoholic, trying to look after a small child, and his father is (in my humble opinion) an utter douchbag of a man. One kiss with Cameron and Reuben is scared. Scared of what could be, but also, scared of what could NEVER be. Cam is well aware of his status with the rugby team his brother plays for. He is out and PROUD and loud about it. But becoming Reuben's friend is far more important than the possibility of losing Reuben altogether. When things spiral downwards, and passion between the two men spins out of control, Reuben has to make the one choice he never wanted to: his rugby career, or Cameron. So, I make no bones that I am not a fan of first person books, especially if they are multi point of view. This book is written as such. But both Reuben and Cam have such distinct voices, it took me a while to actually figure out this was a first person book! So well done to Ms Hogan for that one. I read this book in one sitting. It's not a short book, some three hundred pages. But I started it at 7pm, and did not stop til I ran out of book. And I went through the whole gamut of human emotion and then some! I tell ya, this book has funny spots, dark spots, scary spots, sexy bits (so much with the sexy bits!) and points along the way that garnered so much rage out of me, had Reuben's father been around, that man would be flat on his back! You can't blame Reuben's brother for what he is doing to Reuben, because he really is not coping and not getting the correct help he and his son need, but I did want to punch him a time or two, too. But it's not just Reuben who has such extreme's of emotions. Cam does too. He did all the "in the closet thing" and swore never to again. Which is why he decides Reuben needs him to be his friend. But Cam's emotions run away with him, and he can't stop the avalanche of feelings he gets every time he touches Reuben, even if it's just a brush past, or something. He didn't have the difficult upbringing Reuben did, his family love him just as he is, but he can understand why Reuben is hiding. It HURTS Cam, but he gets it. But ultimately, it isn't something Reuben or Cam does that outs them, someone else does that. And the fall out?? Well, let's just say, I was very surprised about that! In a good way! There is a wedding in this book, that Cam and Reuben attend (not together!): Michael and Josh work with Cam at the hospital. Cam says some things about these two guys that make me want to go back and read THEIR book, First Impressions. It's a stand alone to this one, but my interest is piqued and I will go back, at some point, and read. THAT book is Ms Hogan's first, that I can see. And THIS one, her second. I'm a-gonna be following this one, I reckon! 5 emotional, gut wrenching stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**