so bloody sweet, but so SO good!

Tales of Bryant - V.L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jumping straight in here, cos let me tell ya! This book landed on my kindle at silly o’clock on a Monday morning. I did not have to be at work for a couple of hours, so I jumped into read a few pages before I must move. And boom! Book finished before 930! I loved this book! Bar one thing, but I will come back to that. This is actually billed as four shorts, across the four seasons around Bryant Park in New York. It is, though, the story of a relationship that starts in Byrant Park, between Isamu and Brian, which spans the year. And it is so bloody sweet! I mean, any sweeter, and it would be pure sugar! Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s steamy, and sexy. It’s emotional and dreamy. It made me choke up in places and laugh in others. But my underlying feeling (ya’ll know I’m ALL about the book feelings!) was that this book was SWEET. And I LOVED it! Isamu is young, a student of film, delivering sweet treats to the park. Brian is an executive (not really clear of what, but hey, who cares!) He’s been oogling Isamu for months, and the feeling is entirely mutual. Isamu makes sure to be the one to deliver Brian’s treats to the park, just to get his own sweet fix. When Brian eventually plucks up courage to ask Isamu on a date, he jumps at the chance. The rest, they say, is history. Until that is, Brian says something that makes Isamu run. My only niggle, the thing that stopped it getting the full 5 stars? Only Isamu has a say. And I really NEEDED Brian to have a voice! Isamu makes Brian think, challenge his own rules, makes him WANT to have that relationship he swore off so long ago, and I needed to hear him say WHY Isamu does these things. And he doesn’t. I’m all for saying if a single point of view book carries the full 5 stars, but here, I really needed Brian and I don’t get him. Isamu though, is lovely! A sweet young man, trying to find his muse for his final assessment, his camera going everywhere with him. And I do mean EVERYWHERE! Loved that Brian was not at all phased by the camera in his face a huge amount of the time! This author is fast becoming a favourite of mine, and I look forward to reading more! 4 very sweet, but very good stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**