fantastic start to a new series!

For Fox Sake (Fetish Alley #1) - Susan Mac Nicol
I was gifted my copy of this book direct from the author, that I write a review was not required. We met Tate and Clay properly in their book, Feat of Clay, in the Men of London series. This is the first in their own spin off series. It would probably help for you to read that book before this one. It will give you a better understanding of what both Tate and Clay went through before this book. That book for me is a brilliant 5 star read. As is this one! Granted, this is a much lighter read, with some very funny laugh out loud moments, particularly between Tate and the club owner, Relio. The fact that he is Clay's ex brings out the green eyed monster in Tate and he knows it, but he can't help himself! The dead customer of Relio's club is why he called Clay, along with Tate, to partake of their investigations business. Clearly, the people involved were hiding something, they just need to figure out what. Enter, if you will, Fetish Alley. Relio's club is at the end of the alley that caters to all things fetish. Some you'll have heard of, some not. A collection of shops selling all manner of naughty things await those who enter. But there is still a possible murder to solve, and Tate and Clay need to get to the bottom of it. I loved the little one or two liners at the beginning of each chapter, which look like text messages between Tate and Clay. They proper made me chuckle! Loved the "old man" digs that Clay gets since he turns 40 during the course of the book. LOVED the pop up by Draven, Jax and Dare from the other books in the Men of London series. And I absolutely need more of Tomas and Relio! I've no idea what happened between them here, but clearly SOMETHING did. And THEIR book (please let them have their own book, PLEASE!) is gonna be fun! Considering where the book is set around, I didn't find it as explicit as some of Ms Mac Nicol's book but it IS sexy and hot. The fact that Tate and Clay are a well established couple makes a huge difference. Yes, there are sex scenes, but mostly you got shut down at the good bits! Loved that though! A fantastic new series, I look forward to following what happens next, both in the Alley, the club and with Tate and Clay. 5 stars, that are still speckled with paint! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**