not sure this is one for me,

Secret Lady (Ladies in Time, #3) - Beth Trissel
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Evie is staying with her grandmother, and she hears whispers from the closet in her room. Then, in a blink of an eye, things changed and she was right back in the middle of the American Civil War. Specifically, a week before the whole valley her grandmother's house sits in is razed to the ground. A certain solider steals her heart, but there are things keeping them apart, again, and this time, Jack might not make it. I read this, I finished this, I'm still not sure it was the book for me though! It's a good book, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if it was THIS book, or the author's style, or what didn't work for me, I really don't. So forgive me, if this review is short. I struggle the hardest to write these sorts of reviews. I liked that both Evie and Jack have a voice, and those voices are very distinct. Not just in the difference between the male and the female voice, but in the TIME difference too. Evie is very much the modern woman, and Jack very much a man of the 1860's with all their rules, and words, and ways of talking. Made me chuckle in a couple of places. It is CLEAN, just some kissing between Jack and Evie. It's also, for being set around that time, relatively free from on-screen violence. It IS there, but nothing graphic or explained in any great detail. I liked the twist that Jack and Evie had been together before, and this was the house's doing to bring them back together. I just *insert heavy sigh* found it an okay read, and I can't even voice why. And for that, I'm sorry. Someone will LOVE this book, unfortunately, that someone is not me. A good 3 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**