loving this series!

Salvation - Sloane Kennedy

When I listen to a book, I try really REALLY hard to write a bit about the book then a separate bit about the narration. However! Part of the reason I am enjoying these Protectors stories is the narration by Joel Leslie! So I cannot split them! I'm not a fan of READING first person books and I make no apologies for that but LISTENING to them is becoming a firm favourite! Joel Leslie put so much emotion, feeling so much of the character's very soul into his work, and by god you feel for these guys, you really do! I have no doubt, no doubt at all, hat I WILL be listening to the others books as they come out in audio. I don't want to switch to reading, I might not enjoy them so much! 5 stars for the book 5 stars for the narration. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**