awesome second instalment!

Covet Me - Donya Lynne, Reese Dante, Laura LaTulipe
I reiterate my point that I made at the beginning of book 1, Choose Me: You NEED all three before you start!! Seriosuly, DO NOT attempt these books til you have all three (book one is currently free Jan 6th 2018) Because book two picks up right where book one left off, it follows IMMEDIATELY after Greyson gave Katherine her choice. To come to dinner or not, he'll be there. Katherine makes her choice, it's obvious which way she will go, these two are totally MADE for each other, but it's great fun watching her get there. It is again, down and dirty and again makes no apologies for that. It's right and proper for these books to be so, it really is. But there is more emotion here. Not quite the bawling eyes out ( I know that's coming cos upon writing this, I've already read book three!) but it still tugs at your heart stings when Greyson finally discovers he can make LOVE to Katherine, not just bang her against the wall. That he can do sweet and slow just as much as hard and fast. And then, just as Katharine and Greyson have decided that, really, this ain't just a summer fling, it's way much more that that, Ms Lynne throws a MAHOOSIVE spanner in the works, and my kindle, my brand new paperwhite, had it's first introduction to the wall!! To be honest, I almost saw it coming, I just did not expect it to be THAT bad!! Not quite managed in one sitting, cos the dayjob got in the way, but still. 5 full and shiny stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**