a fitting end.

Waking for Winter (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #4) - Katherine McIntyre
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book four in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, and it helps a great deal to have read the other three books before this one. It will give you a better picture of how the Coven and indeed the whole of the Seelie world in Philadelphia have been fighting The Order of the Serpent. Cami is released from her Underworld journey broken, and marked. She tries to keep that a secret but when Alanna discovers that the Caoranach has marked Cami, she is assigned a bodyguard. Who happens to be the necromancer who Cami walked away from years before, Dante. Dante never got an explanation as to why she left him, but now Cami needs him, and if she just wants to be friends, he'll take it. He never stopped loving her. When they discover just what the mark really means, and what the Caoranach plans to do to Philadelphia, they realize this could be the end of their time. A much more deadly installment of this series; gorier, bloodier, messier! It bring the whole Order story line to an extremely gruesome ending. You need to know this!! It's why I've tagged it over 18. Cami and Dante's history is long. You don't get the whole info dump in one go, it comes out in dribs and drabs, as does just what happened to Cami in the Underworld, and what happened when Dante went to get her. You don't get WHY she walked away all those years ago, til she actually tells Dante, and I liked that. You also don't get just what the Caoranach is up to, has been up to, for YEARS, in one go. That also comes along at it's own pace, and it makes for engaging reading, even if she goes about it in the way she does! Their chemistry is hot off the page, and I think this one is a little less sexier than the other three, but that's not a BAD thing, not at all. I'm just left feeling that, and ya'll know I gotta tell you what I'm left feeling!! I'll be sad now, that these people's stories have finished. I've enjoyed them. I'm also upgrading book two to 5 full stars. That one, and this are my favourtie of the four. so, 5 full and bloody stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**