really really...cute!

Patience - Helena Stone
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Xander's string of one night stands leads his best friend, Erik, to bet he cannot stay celibate for 30 days. Once the idea settled with Xander, he really was determined to do it. He just never factored into the equation a certain tattoo artist whom Xander chooses to use for permanent reminder of his bet. Troy's tattoo business takes up all his time, since HIS so called best friend left him with the start up of their joint venture. He recognizes Xander. And the so called best friend keeps creeping into Troy's thoughts and he wants to leave Xander well alone. But he can't. My first and strongest thought after finishing this was: cute. really, really cute. And I can't shift that thought, even after 3 days. So, cute its gonna have to be. I loved how Xander's mind worked, once challenged by Erik. Loved how he processed it all. Loved that, while sorely tempted by Troy, he managed to stay the full 30 days. And nearly cried when it all started to go wrong so close to the end! Troy is right to try to steer clear of Xander. Troy's so called best friend, Shane, really messed them both up. But Troy eventually sees past Shane's hold. Troy and Xander's relationship grows through the 30 days, and because of the time scale, its a while before they finally get nekkid and naughty! And I LOVED being made to wait! I do love it when it takes time for the main characters to get themselves together enough for the main event, but here?? It was especially.....cute. I'm sorry, there's that word again! It pains me deeply that I cannot find a better word than cute but I really did enjoy this book! Its not a negative word, not at all! I hope I get to read any more in this series, Erik needs a story, for sure! a solid 4 star read. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**