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Untamable Lover - Rosalie Redd
We met Demir in book one, he was the leader who wanted to enslave Melissa. And Aramie is he second in command. When Demir is injured trying to save Noeh, he is paralyzed and is bed bound, but he can hear, and feel. He can feel when those who tend him see his scars, he can feel when Aramie trims his beard. He can FEEL the change in him since he released Melissa. He can FEEL the change in his feelings for Aramie. But he can't to anything, while he is bed bound. Aramie goes off to find a cure and after that, all bets are off. I did not, I repeat NOT like Demir in book one. He does redeem himself though, at the end but here? I loved him. You feel for him, lying there, with only himself for company. It must be awful, to be like that. When he finally gets free, I loved that he wanted Aramie to; not challenge him, because that would mean he'd have to kill her; but to question his every move, to make him think, "well, actually, I don't want a weak and submissive female, I want someone with strength and character and I want Aramie" I liked that Ram, the leader of the Gossum, the opposition, has move lives that a bloody cat! I really did. The bigger picture again, moves at speed, but time is drawing short, and there must be a winner soon, so each god, out there on Lemuria tries to win however they can but one is a little more sneaky than the other! While I was reading this one, I thought it equal to book one, but now I'm writing the review, I find myself thinking that its slightly better, more enjoyable. So... 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5 because the blog/Goodreads/Amazon don't do halves!) **same worded review will appear elsewhere**