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Griffen: Shadows of the Mirror Realm - A J Blakemont
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I as gifted my copy of this book. Alrighty. So. Okay then, here we go. I apologise if this review is a little disjointed. I very nearly dumped this one, I got past half way and told myself to finish it, to see if it began to make sense, to become clearer. Unfortunately, while I I DID finish it, I still am not sure what the whole point was. Griffen is newborn, a copy of Tish, a mirror of her soul. She has all Tish's memories. But Griffen needs to feed and she finds that food in the criminals of the London Underground. Killing a human trafficker brings Griffen into contact with her own kind, other who have motives that Griffen is not privvy to. She also comes into other factions of her kind, other non-humans and into contact with Andre, her salvation. Other than the fact that this is first person, present tense AND singlr point of view, I'd like to make the following points. There is much repetition. Griffen will say "I remember when...." and then we'll get an immediate, in brackets (well, Tish remembers when...) EVERY SINGLE TIME! Every time Griffen recalls, remembers, picks something out of Tish's life, you get the qualifier. And there is a lot of stuff thrown in. Rules, traditions, or laws, or history. It just gets dropped in, and many time I had to go back and check I hadn't missed something. I hadn't, it just appeared. It made for a difficult to follow plotline. Its full of action. Not a bad thing, but it was making me dizzy, the flipping back and forth between worlds, time zones, and Griffen in and out of peoples heads. I'm still not sure if I liked it, but I didn't hate it and I DID finish it, so..... 3 stars **same worded review will appear on: Goodreads, Booklikes, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com**