4.5 stars

Talking in Code - Ariel Tachna
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. I'm jumping straight, because this book was NOT what I was expecting. The blurb led me to believe I would be reading about how Tim, Richard and Eric came together, and what happens after Eric is rescued from hostage. HOWEVER We get how they came together only in dribs and drabs through out the story. And for about 80% of the book, Tim is unconscious, on a ventilator. So there is very little of the three of them together, and a lot of just Richard and Eric. BUT!!! Once I pulled my toys back into the pram and got over my strop, I really REALLY enjoyed this one! Richard and Tim were already in a long term, committed relationship when they came across Eric. They each watched him from afar for several years and its not until Eric makes a pass at Tim, and Richard walks in on them, that they all decide to make a go of it. Fast forward 4 years and an op goes wrong, Eric is captured and held hostage for months. Richard and Tim set about to rescue him, but Tim is gravely injured and its up to Richard to get Eric back up and running. But both Richard and Eric have relied heavily on Tim in the past, and Tim can't help now. Not when Eric's demons rear their ugly head. Like I said, once I got over my "this is not what I wanted to read" strop, the book is quite gripping. Both Richard and Eric are struggling, with Eric's return, with Tim being so poorly, with each other. It makes for painful reading in places because we get all of Eric's panic attacks in their gory detail. I can't for the man, I really did. And I cheered when Richard and Eric were both made to see that what they were doing was making them both worse. OH! I loved when they delivered the line that made the title make total and utter sense! I loved that the first thing Tim sees on waking is Richard and Eric kissing. I would still like to have read more of the beginning of their relationship. I think, though, it would have been too much HERE, if I'm honest. That is a whole nother story! I wrote 3.5 stars at the top of the page when I sat down to write this review. I've upgraded it to 4.5, rounded down to 4 stars for Amazon and Goodreads. Its not often I changed that initial gut feeling, but some books, once I start to write their review, push and push and just make it known that actually, Debbie, we deserve a higher rating. This book pushed HARD! First I can see that I've read of this author, I'd love to read more. I'd love to catch up with these guys too. When building this post, I noticed the Dreamspinner search billed this as the Talking In Code series. I hope I get the chance to read them! So, because its a pushy book, and the review ran into 3 sides of file paper.. 4.5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**