left wanting!!!

Sam's Soldiers (Boys of Brighton Book 2) - Tasia M. Smith
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
5 weeks ago, Spider and Dante walked into Sam's life and he has never been happier. His heart, though, was never part of the deal. Now his men have left and Sam is heartbroken. And his life is in danger.
This was a nice easy read, a good read, really, but I'm just left....
Dante, Spider and Sam are already in the relationship, even if was only supposed to be temporary while the soldiers are in town. But what I wanted was the HOW. HOW did they come to be together. I wanted to know what each man thought about they were doing, how they were feeling. I wanted, possibly, even some of how Dante and Spider came to be together.
I just wanted MORE. I always want more, I know I do but here? Here, I think I am fully justified in saying that. I try NOT to read other reviews before I read a book. I made the mistake once and it totally put me off a book, made me pick out every single negative thing, I don't do that any more. So I read a few for this book AFTER I had finished. I found other reviewers saying the exact same thing, they were wanting the HOW they came to be together.
This is billed as book two. I can't find a book one, unless its not tagged with the Boys of Brighton label. I WOULD like to read future books. I like the way Tasia tells the tale, for the most part.
Still, its not too complicated, and only loosely crime/thriller, not too taxing on the brain, some well written sexy scenes between the three of them and one of just two. Some violence, but not much. I didn't spot a single spelling/editing issue either. so.....
3 stars
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