missing something from first two books.

Alpha Lover (The Alpha Council Chronicles Book 3) - Brenda Sparks
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Nicholai meets Juliette when she and her friend eat at his restaurant. He knows immediately who she is, what she is. She is his heartmate, his one true love. He just needs to win her heart before he tells her his secret, that he is a vampire. But there are darker forces at work, that could cost them both their lives.
And it's those darker forces I'm left wondering about!
Do the demons appear in books one and two?? Is there an on-going story line between the three books?? Because I'm left thinking there is, and I've not read book one, Alpha Mine, or book two, Deadly Alpha. So I'm thinking I missed something, something important, something I NEEDED!
I did like that the aforementioned darker forces have their say. And even if I didn't like what they said or indeed, did, you all know how much I love hearing from the bad guys!
I find these reviews the hardest to write, the three star ones that leave me feeling kinda meh about a book. And I'm sorry this is short.
Because everyone gets a say, and because I DID finish it (it was touch and go for a while!)
3 stars
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