did not like Jaeger himself, but a solid 4 star.

Jaeger - Evelise Archer
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
US Marshal Jaeger is in witness protection, and he despises those who have turned state witness to save their own miserable hides. But Wren is different. Wren pushes buttons in Jaeger he didn't know needed pushing. Wren makes him think, about after work, about life, about love. But first, Jaeger has to keep them both alive long enough for Wren to testify against his family.
I did NOT (underlined, block capitals, bold script, just it case it loses the emphasis when I copy and paste this!) like Jaeger. NOT AT ALL. He is a far..colder...harsher person than those who came before him in this series. He does not like playing baby sitter to snitches and he makes no bones about showing it. He will use a client in any way he wants. And he wants Wren with a passion he knew not that he carried.
But Jaeger is just.....Jaeger, you know?? And I can't find the right words to describe him and you know how I hate not being able to say what I want!
Moriel does go against what he has been doing in that he gives Jaeger a second chance to redeem himself with this incarnation of the other half of his soul. And Moriel is, in his own words, "old and tired" Makes me think. Makes me wonder what he'll do in any future books.
Which leads me to ask, will there be more?? I hope so. I'd like to read them too. I'm enjoying watching different authors deal with the 'love, kill, rinse, and repeat' theme, I really am.
As much as I did not like Jaeger, I did enjoy his story. Oh, I also liked that besides Jaeger and Wren, another character has a say. I'm not gonna say who, or what he has to say but I will say this: that character made his bed, and he has to lie in it!
Even though Jaeger himself didn't quite work for me, its still a....
4 star read.
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