Cute, but deadly!

Shifter Claimed  - A.M. Griffin
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted a copy of this book.
Trudy needed this job to get her accounting firm fully on the map. She did not need to have her office attacked, and the attackers flee out a third story window. And she certainly did not need her body's reaction when Kris, CFO of Dark Wolf Enterprises, turns up at her door. Kris never knew his wolf to be so active while still in human form, but the animal's reaction to just hearing Trudy on the phone was powerful. His kind could never have a human mate, could they??
CUTE!! But deadly. That was my thought upon finishing and I'm sticking to it!
Loved Trudy's reaction to Kris and vice versa. Loved that Kris' wolf is front and centre for much of their time together. Loved Trudy's reaction to Kris' secret. Loved that while we got WHO was stealing from Kris and his company, we did not get the why. And loved that we are, in this point, at least, left hanging. Means I really REALLY need to read the next book. Because not only did Trudy find her mate here, her best friend meets with another Farkas brother, and I NEED to know what happens to them! And those little history bits?? About the three Scottish brothers centuries ago, and the parallels to the Farkas brothers?? Kinda cute!
Great writing, never gonna win any literary prizes, but who cares! Its a great read, and I read it in one sitting, didn't seem like the 182 pages billed on Goodreads.
You know what?? I tagged this originally as 4 stars. I'm upgrading it, because, honestly?? I can't fault it!! Why I put 4, I don't know, I usually run with my first thought and that was it but now I'm actually typing it up??
Ah stuff it...
5 full stars! *
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