awesome book!!

Sight Unseen - Susan Mac Nicol

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.

A hit and run accident leaves Nate blind and his best friend Cody steps up to try to keep things as normal as they can be. When Nate's boyfriend dumps him, he has his memories to keep him going. But the memories aren't of him and Jon. Nope, they are of a weekend long ago, that he spent with Cody. One that he never ever forgot. Being deprived of his sight means that Nate picks up those little touches from Cody, the hitches in his voice. Could Cody be remembering too? Cody never forgot that weekend, no sir. Never stopped loving Nate and resigned himself to the friend zone, which was way better than the no Nate zone. But when Jon walks out, it all comes front and centre. Cody can only hope that Nate will finally see just how much he loves him.

I'd like to commend Ms Mac Nicol on several points.

1. She is a native British writer and usually writes about British characters in places around Britain, and uses English words and spellings. Nate and Cody are native born Californians and so use AMERICAN words and spellings. It pisses me off no end with American authors have British characters using American words that we would never use. HERE??? Ms Mac Nicol uses AMERICAN words and spellings. I noticed this. I really did. And the author worked hard to get it right, and I say she nailed it! Of course, she had help from Nicholas Downs

2. I don't usually care for books written in the first person and I will make no apology for marking a book down written as such. THIS book is written in the first person, from both men's point of view. And I didn't care. I KNEW going in, it was written like this and maybe that's why it did not bother me. I think for THIS book, it's right and proper to be written this way.

3. This book came with a warning, of sorts, in that it carries a "less sex than I usually write" warning. Which did make me chuckle when I had finished! Because, let me tell ya, once Cody and Nate get their act together and finally give in to what they are both feeling, it is HOT. OFF. THE. CHARTS! Had the book NOT had the warning, I would not have noticed the amount of sex in this book, and it would not have been mentioned. But it did, so it is.

And finally...

4. RESEARCH, RESEARCH RESEARCH. Ms Mac Nicol has done a huge amount of research and it shines off every page that Nate is struggling. In every scene he get a new gadget or gizmo. In every person who comes along to help him in one way or another.

I loved this book. Stayed up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY past my bedtime to finish it in one single sitting.

Thank you, Nicholas, for putting the idea in Susan's head. Thank you, Susan, for delivering such a great read. If this does become a film, I'm so gonna see it!

5 full and shiny stars

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