was good, once it warmed up!

Just Like Cats and Dogs - BA Tortuga
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Sam, a cat shifter, has been bought up in a group of misfits who never really fit in anywhere. On a trip home, he runs into his childhood bully. A wolf no less. A very sexy, very grown up wolf. Gus' reaction to Sam is equally baffling. Because cats and dogs can't really be mates, can they?
I have a couple of *issues* with this book.
Firstly, there is a lot of dialogue at the beginning of the book. I mean, A LOT. I got to about 25% and its mostly dialogue and I was thinking to dump it. But something niggled and I'm glad I didn't.
Its get a little confusing along the time line. From when Sam goes home for his father's funeral, to when Sam and Gus meet again, I wasn't sure if it was months, or years. Got a little confusing!
And I wish, so desperately wished for more of what was happening to Sam in New York! Because that felt kinda thrown in there, like we needed to have some major conflict. I needed to know about it BEFORE they turned up at the flat, before they took Sam. Long before then, we should have been privvy to that information.
Like I said, I didn't dump it, and it does get better after a very slow warm up and I really did enjoy it (these points aside!)
Loved the little extra bit, that little short story tagged on the end. Loved that, while I saw one mating coming, I was totally off with the other! I really REALLY wanna read that next book!!
4 solid stars, once it warmed up!
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