oh my freaking word!!!

Lord of Ravens (Inheritance Book 3) - Amelia Faulkner
I'm not gonna write a blurby bit, just gonna jump straight in with this one!
You really REALLY should read Jack of Thorns, book one and Knight of Flames before this one. You WILL need it. I wrote in my review for book two, Knight of Flames that Quentin had much to tell about his upbringing. I quote from that review "I think Quentin has buried it deep, and it will take some time for Faulkner to dig it out of him. When we finally get it all, its gonna be bad, I know it is. Real bad. We have little hints, reactions, comments, here that make you think. But I'm not thinking too hard to put it together, not yet, because I have a feel I'm gonna be so terribly wrong." And by Goddess, it is bad. I strongly suggest you brace yourself for Chapter Thirteen. I'm not going to go into detail, save this. I am certain, absolutely dead CERTAIN that there is more to come, and it will be worse, far worse.
In other news! Quentin and Laurence's relationship continues to grow, in all ways, physically especially. I am thoroughly enjoying watching Quentin come out of himself with Laurence. For all of Quentin's properness, he has a dirty heart!
I must mention AGAIN the profound differences between Quen and Laurence, and how beautifully they are portrayed here. Faulkner tells their story in THEIR words, so the differences are marked; in words, thoughts and actions. And I do so love it!!
Quentin's father turns up, briefly, to try to get Quentin to return to England, and he sends something to hurry him along, causing problems for the children.
Herne plays a greater part here too, in teaching Laurence about his gifts. And that deal Laurence made with Morgan, that three parter?? It's gonna come back to bite him on the ass, I know it is!
There is, again, an epilogue that leave you with questions, questions, questions. But not from Freddy this time. Someone else. Someone who, ordinarily, I wouldn't mind hearing from, but after Chapter Thirteen?? I don't wanna, no ma'am, I really don't!
When you stay up til 2am in the morning just to finish a book, and you have to be at work at 8am, it can only get...
5 stars.
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