Painted On My Heart - Kindle Alexander, Reese Dante, Jae Ashley
ependent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Kellus closed himself off from the world, a year ago. Dealing with his break up from John, and John's continuing harassment has taken its toll on Kellus' work. But landing the contract to display art in the new headquarters of Layne Construction goes a long to to getting him back on track. Arik Layne, head of said construction company, fell in love with Kellus' work way before he even knew his name. Finding the artist in his building sets Arik on a path he never saw coming, one he thought he might not ever tread.
I am, yet again, blown away by the latest book by Kindle Alexander. I say this almost every time, I know I do, but I really REALLY loved this one!
I loved Arik. His sleeping his way through, with the BT's. Loved his total and utter turnaround, almost immediately on meeting Kellus. Loved that instalove (even though I don't usually and it is pretty much instant for Arik!) Love that he was able to give Kellus an option for almost everything. even if Kellus didn't get much choice!
Loved Kellus and his guarded heart. His fighting Arik every step of the way. His misplaced guilt for John. What he continues to do for John. His determination to keep Arik safe. To keep his heart closed and away from Arik and his utter failure in that task.
Both men have their say, so we get each man's powerful reaction to the other. Both man's attempt to fight the powerful connection they have. Both man's internal wrangling with their reaction to John and what he does.
But what absolutely made this book for me, made it shine, was the appearance, indeed, MAJOR part that characters from previously unrelated books, play in this story. Gage and Trent, from The Current Between Us (which was my very first Kindle Alexander book! Which was also where Arik and Kellus first made an appearance, but it was a long time ago that I read it so I don't remember!) and Tristan and Dylan, from Secret, have been seamlessly interwoven into Kellus and Arik's story! Gage is Arik's cousin. Loved their interaction, their banter. Hilarious at points. I loved that Trent made Arik see just what he could not before.
I can gush and gush and gush all day but gushing doesn't make for a very coherent review, so I'm gonna stop now, save this:
This is a beautiful love story (nutty ex aside) a story of over coming, of forgiving, a story of just giving in to who you really want. And I LOVED it!
So, another....
5 star read!
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