finally i get what was missing!

Vespar (Order of the Black Knights Book 3) - Thianna Durston Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. I can't write a blurby bit, because I'm so so very pleased with this book!! We get a little into how the series came about, by way of a small bit at the front of this book. BUT more importantly...... We finally get more about WHY the Black Knights came about, and HOW Vespar, at least, came to be joined to them. We get that little bit of information at the beginning of this book that gives me what I was missing from books one, Gideon and book two, Matthias and it certainly made THIS book a far better read, for me anyway! It does carry the same, meet, love, kill, rinse and repeat theme from the other two books BUT it came across in a far better way, and I didn't notice the similarities in the story lines to books one and two, as much as I did between the other two books, if that makes sense? Yes, Vespar had met Marc many times in his previous lives, but their connection doesn't seem as solid, it wasn't given that "I've met him before" thing that was in the other books. I loved, LOVED that it was way past half way before they gave into their feelings for each other. LOVED being made to wait for the main event. Loved that it wasn't clear which way it would end, right til the end, loved that. Love being kept on my toes! Told from both men's point of view, in the third person is the best way for me to read a book. And I loved this book! Read in one single sitting. But I wonder, who is next?? Whoever it is, and whoever writes it, I want to read it. Now I have that bit more information, I need more! Greedy, I know, but there you go, that's me! So, I can't, in all honest, give it anything other than... 5 full stars **same worded review will appear on Goodreads/Booklikes, DSP Publications,,, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble**