not one for me.

Window Dressing - Lucy Felthouse

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.


I can't word the official blurb any better (thats not to say I think my blurbs ARE better, I just can't word it any differently!) than the official one, so not doing one here.


SHORT!!! Too short to be a book, I'm afraid, more an extended chapter or two.


Only Jessie has her say, and I didn't much like Jessie. I understand Edith, somewhat, even though she didn't have her say, but I didn't like her much either. They do seem to suit each other though.


I WOULD like to read a longer more in depth book by this author. Just to see what she does with more pages.


So, I'm sorry, but a short review for a short book. 47 pages. Previously published in an anthology. And this is becoming a trend I don't much care for. Publish a perfectly good short story in the anthology, and then, again, on its own. In the anthology, I probably would have loved it. But here?? It was kinda meh. BUT I did finish it so....


3 stars


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