I need more of these people!!

In the Flesh - HK Carlton
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Kate, and her AFT (but not sure what that means!) partner, Mike, are tasked with infiltrating the local crime gang after two other agents disappeared. Kate has to call on her skills as a dancer. Meeting the lady who looks after all the dancers at the club, In The Flesh, Carly, has Kate in a tailspin. Is Carly part of the crime gang they are trying to bring down??
So bloody short!!!
Oh, I wanted so much more because I really REALLY enjoyed this one!!
I did not see that coming, no, ma'am, I did not. And I LOVE it when I get surprised like that!
Only two things let it down. 1. we ONLY get Kate. yes, yes yeah, I know, I really do know, but I would have loved to have heard from Carly, i really would. and 2. too stinking short!!
Cos when you love a book, you always need more. I would love to read more of this author, I can't see that I've read anything else, but a longer more in depth piece. I would also like to know, will there be more of Kate and Carly??? Please??
4 stars
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