fabulous read!

The Wizard's Desire: A friends-to-lovers M/M romance - Anna Wineheart
I was gifted my copy of this book direct from the author.
OH!!! You know how, you start to read a book, and you see it going one way, and then totally goes another?? This one!!
I've no idea where I saw it going, to be totally honest, but I'm left feeling that it went off in another direction, and I need to say that. Brain is somewhat addled at the moment, but I will try to make sense!
Kei is not happy. The old woman in the flat upstairs has another leak and it's ruining his apartment. A neighbour gives him a snow globe from their holiday. When Kei touches the globe, he is pulled into Orion's world, where he has lived for the past decade or so. Orion did not mean to pull Kei in, but now he is here, they can make the most of it, right??
I love different, you know I do and this one is a prime example of that difference. I mean, a snow globe?? Cute, really really cute.
Both Kei and Orion have their say, and one or two others. It wasn't until Orion and Kei finally talked about Kei's dislike of wizards (because at that point it had been downgraded from hatred!) that I got the full picture too, and I love being made to wait for it. I love not seeing what's coming at me, as much as I love seeing it all laid out, right from the start. Because while some things I did not see, some I did.
I did, at points, get a little.....lost....in the trees, especially when said trees were somewhat active, but that might just be me and my addled brain.
All in all, a really great read. It leaves me wanting to read more by this author, AND more of Kei and Orion. I hope they appear in other books. I loved them together.
Thank you, to Ms Wineheart, for my copy, I really did enjoy this book.
OH! It does not seem the 346pages billed on Amazon. Which is a very good thing!
4.5 stars
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