a great read from a first time author

Rebellion (A Titan Romance Book 1) - Rowan Bishop
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Akyra is commander of a unit tasked with delivering a very valuable bio-cube. And she is a pure bred human female. Raemus is Titan, a genetically engineered soldier, leader of a unit set out to ambush said bio-cube and kill the humans. But someone beats him to to it, and the Thunder company become the escorts the Banshees had been expecting. But there are bigger forces at work, than either of them realise, and Akyra and Raemus are faced with rejecting everything they have ever known, to keep their growing prohibited love.
okay, so! From what I can see this is a first time author, and, in some places it shows. HOWEVER, I really did like this one. This 3 star rating is not, in any way shape or form, a bad thing, not here. Sometimes, yes, but not here.
I really liked how Bishop played Raemus. I loved how I did not get it, til it was told, what he was really up to. I loved the way the other members of Thunder and Banshee companies have laid their stories out, already.
I did get a bit lost when the prophecy was first mentioned, kinda like it was thrown in, but it all came out okay.
The book comes with an explicit sexual content warning. But it didn't seem overly explicit to me. Granted, Akyra and Raemus first joining is very public, and it does carry some steam, but I wouldn't give it the explicit warning. Maybe I just read too much smut!
I'd love to follow this series, and indeed this author, to see what happens to the other couples, and the general story arc. Also to see how the author develops her skill.
Love watching new authors grow!
3 solid stars
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