A-MA-ZING book two!

Hanging the Stars (Half Moon Bay Book 2) - Rhys Ford Fish Stick Fridays - Rhys Ford
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Angle and West had a summer of love. Then Angel was removed from half Moon Bay, and both were left with broken hearts. Angel, much more than just a broken heart. When West returns to Half Moon Bay, and they meet again, their reunion is emotional, difficult. Not least because someone is trying kill West and someone wants Angel out of business. Can they make it work this time, or will that someone get the better of them??
This is book two in the Half Moon Bay series, but you don't need to have read book one, Fish Stick Fridays, before you read this one. You should though, if only because I said to!
Because this series is amazing. I know we're only in book two, and I have no idea how many books there will be, but Ford's story telling, especially with the crime/ thriller/suspense element is outstanding! I can never quite see where she is taking a story, how its gonna play out, she keeps me on my toes, and make me READ the book, rather than skim, as I usually do. I've missed things, don't you know!
Murder attempts and fires at the shop aside, Angel and West's story is painful at times; physically as well as emotionally. Angel's struggle with his 11 year old brother is equally difficult. But I loved reading about it; how he feels he is or is not doing, how he can do better. Roman is a character and a half in his own right. He comes across all hard, but all he is, is a boy who needs his big brother.
I'm glad Ford did what she did at the end. If it had gone down how I was expecting it to, I think both Angel and Roman would have been damaged beyond repair.
Loved that I got my Zig fix too, since she, Deacon and Lang play a part here.
I have but one question, Ms Ford: Who is next?!?!?!
5 full and shiny stars
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