solid four star read.

Nico: A Mafia Romance (Ruin & Revenge) - Sarah Castille
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Nico wants revenge for the death of his father at the hands of a rival Don, ten years previous. He never expected the beautiful hacker hired to test his casino systems to be that man's daughter. But Nico's reaction to Mia is powerful, almost as powerful as her reaction to him, and their joining is inevitable. When Mia's younger sister is subjected to the abuse she suffered at the hands of their father, Mia knows their only salvation is Nico, their father's arch enemy.
You know, sometimes, you are reading a book, its a good book, its engaging. It has some dark moments, some sexy ones, even one or two lighter ones. And it ends a little differently than you saw coming. Told third person/multi point of view. All in all, looking for a 5 star rating when you are done?? But you left with . . . . .four stars stuck at the end of your pen when writing the review??
This book, right here.
Don't get me wrong, its a bloody good book, a great book, even. I loved Castille's Sinner's Tribe series, and this is a much darker read, I thought. Nico and Mia are fully aware of the situation they are in, and the consequences of their actions. They know doing what they are doing could end up with both of them dead. And I loved them! I really did. They both have their say, too. And they have much to say about each other!
Another character has a say too. And it took a little while, or rather, it took ME a little while to slot that character in with Nico and Mia.
It carries a little more violence than I usually like, but its not the Mafia stuff that bothered me. Its the abuse Mia and her sister, and indeed, their mother, suffers at the hands of their father. I didn't much care for that BUT!!!! Thats not it. Its only because it steps a little too close to home.
I just can't figure out why my pen, and later when typing up, my mouse, won't let me click that 5 star button, and you know how much that pisses me off!! Not being able to word what I want to say is stressful!
I want to read more. I want to know what happens when Nico and Mia merge their families. I want to know what happens to Mia's little sister and the above unnamed character. I want to know how its all gonna come out in the wash!
4 solid stars
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