solid read, but maybe not for me

How to Deal: All Cocks Stories, Book 3 - T.M. Smith, Joel Leslie, TTC Publishing
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO version of this book.
Jon is a NYPD police detective. He meets Kory when dealing with a case. Jon knew who Kory's alter ego is. But Jon didn't want to get to know Hayden Cox, porn star, he wanted to get to know Kory, the man who suffered so much as a child, losing his mum, and his sister. Both men are stubborn, but they both know, they will have to learn to deal with their issues, or lose each other. And that really isn't an option.
This is book 3 in the All Cocks series. I have listened to book one, but not read/listened to book two. I don't think it matters. I didn't miss anything except a more in depth knowledge of how Victor, Andrew and Matthew came to be together.
I enjoyed this one much more than I did book one, but I'm still not sure this troupe of books is for me! And I don't know why!
I again didn't like that we got some of Kory's work. I *think* this might me my biggest problem, that one of the main characters is having sex with someone else. I dunno, maybe it's just me.
I liked that Jon knew up front who Kory has as an alter ego. I liked that he made it clear he did not want to know Hayden, but wanted to know Kory. I liked that Kory fought Jon tooth and nail, all the way! I cried at Kory's past, what happened to him and his sister. Loved how that tuned out!
Also loved watching something happening between some of the other guys at All Cocks.
Joel Leslie narrates.
Although he did not narrate book one, my issues remain the same. Leslie dips his voice in places, making it hard for me to hear, even with the iPod turned right up. Wasn't as much as the narrator did in book one, but it still made me rewind a little to try to catch what was said. I also found the Brennan brothers voices all very similar, bar Tristan, making it hard to judge who was saying what in multi person conversations.
I'll not write Leslie off just yet though. It might just be this particular recording. I'll give him another go, maybe with a different author's piece of work.
I'd also like to READ (rather than listen to) another series by Smith. I like the way their mind works and how they tell a story.
Because I liked both the story and the narration more than book one, but still have some issues...
4.5 for the story
4.5 for the narration
4.5 overall.
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