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The Body (The Spirit Trilogy) (Volume 2) - D. Nichole King
Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.
oh! just oh!! I LOVED THIS!!!
Yes, you read that right, ME, I LOVED THIS, ME, who is NOT a YA fan, who avoids them like the plague unless asked to review, I LOVED THIS!!
Following on from The Spirit, and you really should read that first, it picks up more or less where that left off. Lucas and Carrie are fairly happy with how things are, her friends are coming to stay and Mike is, well, Mike! When Stacy and Jess come to stay, (and I do believe I said that Jess would have something to say) we find out the Jess is also a witch,and just the type of witch that Lucas needs to find his soul. An old friend turns up, and more of Lucas' history is revealed, who he was, how he died. Things are also revealed as to how Lucas can find his soul, but he needs a ceertain half demon, and said half demon refuses to play nice. A return to the Moore house is in order.
Its still fairly clean (although not for Carrie's want of trying!), but carries a little more violence than the first book. But dealing with half-demons, vampires and the like tends to get messy! It grabs you, holds you, snares you from start to finish! It snips at you, spits things at you, that you did not see coming, and is all in all, a sterling example of YA at its very best! I could quite happily have read this in one sitting, but the pesky dayjob got in the way and I had to spread it over two days.
BUT its still only written from Carrie's point of view, in the first person, and I cant give it 5 fangs, really I cant, for that reason and that reason alone. I am assuming, since to live you need three parts, a spirit, a body and a soul, that the third book in this trilogy will be called The Soul, and just when will we get it, I wonder, because I soooooooooooooooooo need to read it and find out what happens next!!
so, 4 fangs