young adult, but rather good.

The Spirit (The Spirit Trilogy) (Volume 1) - d. Nichole King
Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.
First up, let it be known I am NOT a Young Adult fan. But i was asked to read and review this book, so here it is.
Carrie runs to her grandma's for the summer after her parents divorce. She meets Lucas. But Lucas has a secret, a secret that could shatter Carrie's already fragile heart. And there is something about the town that has Carrie on edge.
Ghosts, demons, witches, necromancers, and all manner of paranormal creatures are in this book, but the main stay is ghosts. And an axe murder in the town, which leads to a hanuted house.
I enjoyed this tale, I did, but, as I said I'm not a young adult fan, and here's where I'm at a dilemma! I ENJOYED IT! yes, its clean, yes, it has minimal violence, just some nasty demon flexing his fingers and messing with the weather. and YES, Carrie is only 17. all things that would normally put me off a book, but here?? I did, I enjoyed it. Maybe not as much had it included all of the above, but for a fast paced, paranormal adventure, that leaves you asking all sorts of questions about the afterlife and demons and such, a good tale.
Told entirely from Carrie's POV (and ya'll know what I'm gonna say next!) I would like to have heard from Lucas, we do get a TINY bit, but only in Carrie's dreams. I think, maybe, he needed to have his say, especially when thinking about what to do about Carrie. Carrie's friend, Jessie, has something to say too, and I wonder if she'll play a part in the next book, The Body, which is due out soon, and I am reading next.
SINCE it talks about death, divorce and axe murders, I'd rate it at the older end of YA, 16+.
3 solid fangs, but if we'd heard from Lucas, maybe it would have got 4