a fitting end, even if it want the one i wanted!

The Soul (The Spirit Trilogy Book 3) - D. Nichole King
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted a copy of this book.
This is book three in the series, and I HIGHLY recommend you read book one, The Spirit, and book two, The Body before you read this one. AND preferably, back to back. It's two years since I read The Body and it took me a while to catch up.
Lucas needs to find the other half of his soul, one half is in Carrie. The demons are chasing Carrie, and they are getting closer. A prophecy. Witches. Angels. Love. Sorrow. Pain and heartbreak. And a choice Carrie has to make. But which way will she go?
Trying to write a review for a final book in a series is hard. Trying to write that review without spoilers, even harder, but here goes.
I am NOT happy with Ms King. Not at all! No Ma'am! I did not see it going down like that and I am not happy you did what you did to these people!!
It takes a while to get get going, or for me to catch up, or for everything and everyone to slot into their respective places and for the whole thing to start to come together. And because of any one or all three of these, I did find it hard going to just past the halfway point. And I very *insert gasp* nearly *gasp again* stopped *insert very loud gasp* reading.
But I didn't *insert huge sigh of relief!*
And I'm so glad that I didn't! Because for the most of the book, Carrie has her say, in the first person. BUT!! we also get some Lucas. Granted, it's through Carrie's dreams, and in the third person, but we get him! It's not a lot, and of course I would have wanted more, especially when....well....you'll know when. I really REALLY wanted to hear from him THEN!
It is still a solid young adult, upper though, 16+ mostly due to what happens to Lucas during those dreams and some other things that happen to....other people. Fairly clean, still, again, though, not for Carrie's want of trying! I'd be happy to let my 15 year old daughter read it. **if only she took after her mother**
Because it took a while to get going, and because Ms King did such bad bad things...
4 stars
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