good, but not one for me.

Ambush of Love - Sharon Kimbra Walsh
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Jessie is a medic and is shopped out to Afghanistan. They were expecting a male medic and a British one at that. Nick is commanding officer to the section Jessie is put in. Their reaction to each other goes way above and beyond that which it should be.
A good, well written book, I found no spelling or editing errors. It just didn't quite work for me, not as a romance book.
It all happens so fast, and with very little intimacy between Jessie and Nick. I'd have liked more, or even, none at all, to have made the book work for me.
There is heavy emphasis on the military terms and, while explained, much of it still went over my head. But that's not negative thing, not for me. I just faded it all out.
I liked the action scenes, Jessie running for her life was painful but very well written.
Like I said, a good book, but one that did not quite work for me.
I apologise for the short review, I find these three star ones the hardest to write!
3 stars.