great easy read.

Safe Haven - Caitlin Ricci
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Blake hasn't left the house in 20 years, and his bodyguard for the last 8 years is retiring. His uncle recruited three new ones, Malcolm, CJ, and Rex. They aren't just a team, they are in a committed relationship with each other. Blake is fascinated by the love they show each other, and is scared too. He is scared they might actually be the ones to help him, and that scares him more than never leaving the house.
I enjoyed this book. It took a turn that I did not see coming, and maybe, its because I read too many books with twisted plot lines, and too much smut!
Its told entirely from Blake's point of view, and while, for the most part, I didn't mind, there were key points along the way I really needed to hear from the guys, either one of them.
I read far more into Uncle Phin than I should have. I saw a long and complicated plot line involving the trauma that Blake suffered all those years ago, and it just wasn't there. And I don't know if I'm disappointed by that fact, or pleased that I was so wrong!!
It is, for a male/male multi partner book, relatively clean, and I DID like that. Some playing, but no full scenes between any of them, and it did make a change.
Because it was told from only Blake's point of view, there is very little about Malcolm, CJ and Rex' history, I would have liked some more, just to fill in the gaps.
I loved that Blake was, finally, able to leave the house, and take his cat on a boat trip! With three husbands!
Really nice, easy read, just what you need to read when feeling under the weather!
4 stars
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