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Tempting Tristan (A stand-alone M/M romance): Tristan Brewer (Harborside Nights) - Melissa Foster
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Tristan is off men. Ian broke his heart and Tristan needs to recover from that. Alex arrives in town, and for Tristan, all bets are off. But Alex is, in his own words, less of a man than he was. And Alex came back to his grandmother's home to find himself again. He just didn't factor in Tristan and the connection the two of them share.
Ok, so! Those of you who follow my reviews will know that I DO NOT like first person/present tense/multiple POV books. Lord knows, I say it often enough and I've dumped many a book in the first few pages once I realise they are written this way. But I NEED to say this...
I don't, it didn't bother me, and I was way past a third of the book before I even clicked it was written this way!! No idea why it didn't register sooner, either. Each change is clearly headed, usually at chapter change, but even when it happened mid-chapter, I didn't mind it, not at all!
Alex is damaged, emotionally and physically by his time in the army. He came to his grandmother's home after her death to recover and find himself again. Tristan has lived in town all his life, and helped run errands for Arty, so Alex and Tristan have a connection straight away. But that connection runs deep and powerful and hot and heavy right from the start.
And I loved that! I loved that Tristan gave all, his heart, his soul, his very being, hard and fast and I loved that it was Alex who said those magic words first, not Tristan. I loved how, while pushing Alex to get over that which was drummed into him while in the army, he let Alex do it at his own pace. Sounds odd, I know, but it really was amazing to read these two coming together.
I loved that Tristan's friends were the ones to make him see when he had a little blip about what Alex did at the hospital, throwing his own words back at him.
I loved the collection of friends. This is book three in the series, and while I did not miss anything by not reading those other two books, I WANT to. I want to hear what Tristan is like BEFORE Alex, and what Ian really did to him. Because I WANT to though, not because I need to. I do, however, NEED to read any future books. I want Charley to find her forever man, and I want to see who finally lands Brandon!
Because I read it in one sitting, and despite the first person/present tense/multi POV....
5 full and shiny stars.
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