great followup

Matthias (Order of the Black Knights) - Alexis Duran Gideon - Ashe Barker
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
This is book two in the series, but you don't need to have read book one. I have, and it's really hard NOT to compare the two, especially as they are written by different authors. That threw me, I tell ya, because no indication was given in book one that future books would be written by different authors. There is a tiny bit here, in the beginning, just a single line, that gives you a little more information.
Matthias dragged himself out of his childhood and is now a head of a famous retreat. Dylan is hot on his tail, as an investigative reporter, trying to find out the truth behind a rock star's death. Dylan and Matthias have met before, in many lifetimes, and this one might just be the one to break the cycle.
It runs a very similar pattern to book one, and that's why I'm struggling to separate them. Meet, love, kill. Rinse and repeat.
The story itself is well written, from both men's point of view, with no spelling or editing errors I spotted.
Matthias is fully aware of the effect Dylan has on him, he never forgot that one time they had before, those ten years ago. And now, he has Dylan in his lair, Dylan WILL be his again. Dylan is under no illusions that he will end up in Matthias' bed, he just hopes he doesn't end up dead, like the rock star he is investigating.
The ending does feel a little rushed, though. Like oh, I'm running out for pages, lets get it done quick.
And I'm still missing that information about The Order of The Black Knights. I need to know about Moriel, how he finds his recruits, how he feels when they sign up, and when they finally break that cycle. I NEED this, so please??
Because of the rushed ending and the similarities to book one...
4 stars
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