Good Luck (Putman County Book 1) - KM Mahoney
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
oh. my.days! I LOVED this book!!
I've read one other book by Mahoney, Learning To Love Cats, and I loved that too. I just didn't realise it was the same author until after I had read it. I LOVE this author's sense of humour!
Alli is fairy, Fayte no less. Which means, while he is residing on Earth, his magic explodes in such a way that the whole day is full of bad luck. Broken pots, falls down stairs, almost run over by a speeding truck! Anything and everything happens to Alli, every single friday. One such day, Michael arrives in town, and saves Alli from said truck. Michael is a bear shifter, getting out of the city, away from it all, to a place where he, and Bruce (loved that!) his bear can run free. Alli's bad luck turns nasty, and Michael and Alli are pulled together, in an effort to see who really is behind the destruction of his beloved flower shop, and who doesn't want them to be together.
I cannot express just how much I loved this book. Seriously, it was just the thing i needed after a much darker, heavier book, and this book hit that spot so darn hard!
It's funny, laugh out loud in some places. It's also painful, when Alli recall why he had to leave his home and be on Earth. It's heartwarming, when Michael's brothers are together. It's (in my humble opinion) laying down future books, and we'll see whether I'm right on that one.
Both Michael, and Alli have a say. Oh, I should say, they ALL have a say, because we get just a snippet of Bruce, Michael's bear, just a tiny paragraph but I loved that we did. Since Michael gave him a name, he needed that little say. Says what he needed to, in the most perfect way, too.
Because for Michael and Alli, there is none of that MINE MINE MINE moment you usually get with shifters and I LOVED that. Their attraction is powerful, but their love grows, beautifully. Only Bruce has that MINE saying and I loved that.
I can't keep saying I LOVED it, but I did. so...
5 stars
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