took a while, but really enjoyed it x

Slave for Two - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Chris turns 18, and his world implodes around him. Earth is invaded, his family on the run, or worst, dead. Then, to top it all, he and his cousin Morgan are captured to be given as sex slaves for the Alasharins. Lasar and Nary are a Soul Matched pair, bonded for life in a kind of Dom/sub type relationship. Nary comes across Chris at the slave cages and is instantly drawn to Chris in a way he never experienced before. Lasar is drawn too, powerfully and it leads him to question everything he has been told about these sex starved humans. Indeed, it brings him to question his very soul.
I liked this, in the end. It took a while to get going and for a time, I wasn't sure I would finish it. So glad I stuck with it!
Chris young, just 18, and I'm not a fan of main characters of that age but I did like Chris here. He has an old head on his young shoulders. He knows he has to do what he does to stay alive, even if it means becoming a sex slave. But immediately, Chris is drawn to Nary, and later, Lasar, and it's clear to him that things may not be as bad as he first thought.
Lasar's reaction to the ever growing Soul Match is deep, and he calls to the stars for his answers, which, to be fair, don't come, but the Healer was an amusing character! Lasar calls into question all he has been told about the humans they are invading, and then, everything his leader is doing.
All three have their say, and there is more to come from them. Or at least I hope there is!! Lasar, Nary and Chris have much to face in their new three-way relationship, both in and out of the bedroom.
And what of Morgan? What will happen to him when Lasar's friend returns from the big water?? He needs a story too!
There isn't much actual sex between the three of them, but that isn't a bad thing for this book. They are ALL still learning what it means, this new and never-before-happened three way Soul Match. New for Lasar to be Dom to both Nary and Chris, for Nary to be BOTH Dom to Chris and sub to Lasar, and for Chris, learning what exactly the fuss is all about, him being sub to both Lasar and Nary, and learning all that it entails.
I'd like to read more for this series, its different and I do love different!
Because it took a while to get going...
4 stars
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