this series gets better and better!

Geomancist - Charmaine Pauls
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Sean is a geomancist, he can move mountains, cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Or rather he COULD. After a traumatic event, Sean can no longer draw on his power and he settles himself for plans for a cocktail bar. But Asia wants the bar's building, for her spa. When Sean goes head to head with Asia, they end up catering to the guests of a drug baron's week long birthday party. A party which could get them both killed.
Book 5 and this series gets better and better! You really should read the other books, in order, to get the full benefit of what is going on. Because we get a little bit more of Godfrey, and what he's up to. And you might not fully follow without the other books.
We also get a little bit more of Cain, and just what he has been up to! Didn't see that coming at me!
Sean and Asia have a strong an immediate attraction to each other but it takes time for them to come together, fully. I loved being made to wait! And we get both of them! They both have their say and I loved that.
Its a little..deadlier...and a little in its contents. I'm trying NOT to give anything away and elaborating on this would do that, so you just gonna have to find that out for yourself.
I love how Pauls is evolving her writing, and you never know just what she is going to through at you. And THAT'S why I love these books so much! Each book is different: its delivery, its characters, its story. And that's what makes them more exciting than the last one, while holding it altogether with that Godfrey story line running throughout.
It runs right throw to book 9, which means I have 4 more of these babies to look forward to!
5 stars
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