awesome book!!

Hydromancist - Charmaine Pauls
I was gifted my copy of this book, direct from the author, and I thank Ms Pauls for that!
Maya is a Hydromancist, she can control the water. She never found her place til she joined Cain Jones and his paranormal task force. Now, with her team mates occupied elsewhere, Maya is sent to destroy a shipment of smuggled arms to prevent them from reaching Africa. She is also instructed to eliminate the main suspect, Australian Ambassador Timothy Fardel. A man who Maya reacts to as she never did before. A man who causes Maya to want more. A man with secrets.
Book four in the series. I would HIGHLY recommend that you read books one through three before you read this one. Its not necessary, it would just help. It would give you a better picture of the people in the task force, of what they have gone through, and of who they are fighting. That runs through from the three books into this one.
I have one incy wincey niggle, and I have a sort of explanation why it does not affect my star rating, but I need to mention it.
The book is told almost entirely from May's POV, in the third person. We get a tiny bit of Tim, just a small chapter. Ordinarily, that would cause me to knock half a star off. BUT I spoke with Ms Pauls, and she explained why its written this way. I'm not giving the why, you just need to trust me when I say, its right and proper that THIS book is written this way.
The reaction of Maya to Tim, and vice versa, is powerful. Their attraction, off the charts. Their story?? Amazing! You don't get Tim's secrets til they are revealed in the book, but I had an inkling about one. Not the other, oh no! not THAT one!! did not see that coming! You don't get Maya's full background: hints and snippets, yes, but not just how bad it was til she tells Tim.
We catch up with Clelia and Josselin, and their exciting news, and with Katherine and Lann, and with Cain. We know that the battle with Godfrey is still ongoing, and this will, I suspect, continue for many a book.
This one has intrigue and danger, passion and sex, so much going for it, that bar the first chapter, I read it in one sitting. I wanted to know more about Maya, and why she felt the need for forgiveness, why she carried all this guilt. I wanted more about Tim, his background and secrets. I just needed more, and I got it in that one sitting.
so, following knowing why Tim only gets a short say, I can't, in all honesty, give this book anything other than...
5 stars.
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