4.5 stars

Aeromancist: The Beginning (Seven Forbidden Arts Book 2) - Charmaine Pauls
I was gifted my copy direct from the author.
Lann is an aeromancist, he controls the air. He hides for a month or two, in Santiago, with his previous books, and the solitude. When Katherine visits his library for her thesis work, she literally moves the air for him. He thought it a myth amongst his kind. When Lann offers Katherine 30 days to be at his beck and call, she doesn't refuse, but wonders will she ever be able to give him up??
This is the second in this series, The Forbidden Arts, and about the manipulation of air. Or rather, I should say, about a manipulator of air, rather than the actual doing. Because, what I liked most about this book, was that, aside from Katherine moving the air for Lann, and what he thinks about, there is no actual doing of the fact. If that makes sense. Its talked about, Lann talks about it, to us, not Katherine, but thats all. I really liked that!
What I didn't like was how little we got of Lann. There is some at the beginning, their intial meeting, at the air field and again at his library, and then some at the end, the rest is Katherine, and I wanted more Lann! All those 30 days, zip, zero, zilch, and I so wanted to hear from him! This is the only reason it gets 4.5 stars, rather than 5, the lack of Lann.
Book 1.5 rather than book 2, because let me tell ya, I did not see that end creeping up on me! Lann and Katherine's tale is by no means finished, and the conclusion (I hope!) to their story is out over the summer, Ms Pauls did tell me so! And I look forward to that!
Thank you, Ms Pauls for my copy.
4.5 stars
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