a slow burner!

Pyromancist (Seven Forbidden Arts, #1) - Charmaine Pauls
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A slow burn, in every sense of the word!!
Clelia was bought up by her grandfather in a little village in France. Someone, or something, is burning that village, house by house. Clelia has dreams, nightmares and one of those dreams steps off a helicopter and drugs her. Josselin returns to his home village to chase his own ghosts, and those of Clelia's. Together they must stop a monster.
Taking a while to get going, this book simmers and smoulders, as do the ruins of the village. As does Clelia's passion for Josselin (never Joss!) As does Josselin's love for Clelia, that was sparked so long ago. You get hints, snippets, clues and you get slaps up-side the head! You get love and hate, life and death and oh! so much more!
Clelia is a Pyromancist, she can make fire. But her power isn't really her own, til much later in the book. Josselin, we know not what he is, exactly, but he IS NOT a vampire. His power comes from tasting blood, yes, but he only needs a drop to tell what you are, and whether you are lying.
Its a different take on the paranormal theme, and a welcome one. There are seven forbidden arts, long forgotten and hidden. We learn about three here, fire, air and water manipulation. Four more to come. I do hope we don't have to wait too long for book 2!
I have one teeny niggle, but it doesn't affect my star rating. There are a lot of French words here, mostly places, but I have no idea if I was saying them correctly in my head. I know I wasn't saying Clelia right, because she was Celia the whole way through!
Hurry, please, Ms Pauls, with book two. I need more of this group of people in my life.
5 full and shiny stars!
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