great set of creep-you-out shorts!

Between the Devil and the Darkness - Lindy Spencer
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I purchased my copy of this book in March 2014.
Welcome, come in. Make yourself comfortable. I invite you to take a journey through these pages as they temporarily draw back the gauze veil that separates us from what crawls around in the dark of night, as well as that which brushes your sleeve as it passes by, unnoticed, on a crowded sidewalk in broad daylight.
Glimpse quickly, lest any one of the myriad of evils takes notice. Such happenstance could lead to, let’s say, unpleasantness? The tales within represent the tiniest fraction of the evils present all around us. Before you go further, a warning: what once is known cannot be unknown.
It’s time. Come quickly, if you dare. Turn the page. Allow me to call your attention to what lies between the devil and the darkness.
I don't know what I was expecting from the above blurb, but I really was surprised by this little anthology of ten short stories by the same author. They are DARK, some far darker than others, some creeped me out and one I did not like. Some are written in the third person, some in the first. I didn't mind that here, because they are only shorts.
I can't write a review for each story, simply because I will be here all day but I will say this much. I want to read a much longer book by this author. My go-to genre, pre-kindle days was horror. And I'd LOVE to read a longer book, something that I can get my teeth into and be totally and utterly bat-poop scared.
4 stars
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